Why The 2016 Summer Games Could Turn Ugly For Brazil

Olympic Games Rio

With the curtain closed and the flame extinguished on the Sochi Winter Games, the focus and spotlight now turns to Rio De Janiero for the 2016 Summer Games. The clock is ticking and officials in Rio including those representing the Olympic committee […]

Skylar Diggins Brand Won’t Take Hit Following Brawl

David Butler II - USA TODAY Sports

Normally stars of the WNBA play second fiddle to their male counterparts. They traditionally make less money, make more money through endorsements than they do playing and usually have to show more skin to stay relevant. But in this testosterone-driven […]

The NFL’s Forgotten Game Of Dec 7, 1941

Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports

Weather was clear on the Oahu lagoon of Pearl Harbor that Sunday with good visibility — perfect weather for an attack. More than 2,300 perished in the early morning raid of Pearl Harbor, so it’s no surprise that Dec. 7 is […]