Fantasy Football 2013: Stevan Ridley's Hidden Value

By Jay Cullen
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

You want Stevan Ridley on your fantasy team. But that has nothing to do with Ridley himself.

Ridley is on the New England Patriots, a team that will score lots of points because they have Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady, but few know exactly how. They are missing their top five receiving weapons from last year currently. While Danny Amendola can help that passing offense, this is a team that will have to run more. But the Patriots never run. Right? Except they were second in rushing attempts last year. Ridley is going to get the ball early and often.

The next best thing about this team for Ridley? They have Tom Brady. The Patriots are going to score touchdowns because of Brady’s arm no matter who is catching the ball; he is simply too good not to. But will that help Ridley score touchdowns himself? Probably, as New England was first in rushing touchdowns last year. First. Touchdowns in fantasy are often fluky from year to year, but the Patriots like to run inside the red zone and have a high powered offense that will get there constantly. Ridley had 12 touchdowns last year and should easily match that.

Many think that after a very solid year Ridley will regress, but he can be even better with an offense that needs him. Ridley was the 11th best fantasy running back last year and should easily break the top 10 this year. Stevan Ridley is going in the third round for many drafts, but honestly he could go in the first. His value should be somewhere in the second, after the top tier guys, but way before Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and Matt Forte. If Ridley avoids injury he is a good bet to be a top 10 running back this year, if not top 5.

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