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Fantasy Football Week 12: 5 Receivers in For Trouble

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Fantasy Football Week 12: Five Receivers in For Trouble

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The last two weeks of the regular fantasy season are brutal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they mark the end of something beautiful that was over all too quickly. As is the case every year, we blink after Week 1 and when we open our eyes, we’ve arrived at the finish line. It’s a cruel world we live in. Secondly, we lose a lot of sleep on Saturday nights. To be honest, I have trouble falling asleep on Saturdays during the entire season, but it’s still that much worse just before the playoffs. I, like so many others, have to lie in bed and mentally run through my and my opponent’s lineups for what seems like eternity.

Unfortunately, we can’t see everything coming. There’s only so much analysis and preparation you can drive yourself crazy with because in the end, a lot of it obviously comes down to luck. Still, that doesn’t mean the preparation is for nothing. I refuse to believe that the guy who sets his lineup at 12:55 each week has as good a chance of winning as I do. Some things we can see coming.

This week, you should be able to see a few rough performances coming from some wide receivers. Remember, it’s crunch time right now so you can’t brush your gut feelings off. It’s obviously up to you to decide which of your players are in no-sit territory at the moment, but I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know who I’m not feeling great about this week.

Here are five receivers in for some trouble in Week 12:

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5. Julian Edelman

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Julian Edelman has been a popular play for much of the season, but his days as a legitimate streamer are over. We’ve already seen his production drop steadily in recent weeks and with Tom Brady now having his full arsenal of weapons at his disposal, Edelman is going to get thrown on the backburner completely. Even in a shootout this week, he’s not likely to have any significant impact -- in real life or fantasy.

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4. Terrance Williams

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Like Edelman, Terrance Williams held legitimate value for a short period of time, but his yardage has been tapering off steadily for the last few weeks. With Miles Austin now returning, he won’t have as good a shot at securing touchdowns to save his fantasy value.

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3. T.Y. Hilton

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T.Y. Hilton has finally broken out, but unfortunately just in time to draw shadow coverage from Patrick Peterson this week. As good as Hilton is showing he can be, we already know what Peterson is capable of. I’m expecting a fun duel but sadly for Hilton, I think Peterson is going to win it in the end.

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2. Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown has been nothing short of spectacular this season, and it’s been a pleasure to watch. You know who else has been spectacular and a pleasure to watch? Joe Haden. After holding A.J. Green to seven yards last week, I think it’s safe to say that Haden’s swagger is at an all-time high right now. Sorry Antonio, maybe next week.

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1. Mike Wallace

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I shouldn’t really have to keep reiterating that Mike Wallace is a one-trick disaster, but somehow he keeps finding his way into fantasy lineups each week. If for some reason you need a little extra incentive to sit him this Sunday, he’s going up against an impenetrable defense that’s allowed eight passing touchdowns all season, and his team’s O-line is missing three starters.