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Fantasy Football: 5 Reasons Not To Draft Trent Richardson in 2014

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Do Not Draft Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson Fantasy Football
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If you drafted Trent Richardson in the 2013 fantasy football season like I did, you were left crying yourself to sleep every Sunday night.

Richardson was justifiably a hot prospect for fantasy football players when he came out of college football. In three seasons with the Alabama Crimson Tide, Richardson rushed for 3,130 yards, rushed for 35 touchdowns, had 630 receiving yards and caught seven touchdown passes. With that type of production, it was easy to justify an early-round draft pick on the former Alabama running back.

Despite playing for the struggling Cleveland Browns, Richardson was able to put together a solid rookie season. He rushed for 950 yards, caught 11 touchdowns, had three games with 100 or more rushing yards and had 367 receiving yards. Richardson was much more involved in the passing game in the NFL than he was in college, and it was a good sign for fantasy owners that he could be a dual-threat running back.

When Richardson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts, most fantasy football players expected that the former Cleveland running back would find himself in a better system. With a star quarterback in Andrew Luck and some offensive playmakers to compliment him such as T.Y. Hilton, it appeared that Richardson could be a top-five running back in fantasy football.

As you all know, Richardson's fantasy football season was not the glorious dream that most people had envisioned. With only 563 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns, Richardson was a shell of his former self. There are many theories as to why Richardson was traded, and some of those theories correlate to why you should not draft him.

Fantasy football players are known to hold grudges, but this is a grudge that should be kept. Do not draft Richardson in the hopes that he will explode out of his sophomore-slump season.

Here are five reasons for fantasy football players not to draft Trent Richardson in 2014.

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5. Lack of Vision

Trent Richardson Fantasy Football
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Trent Richardson appears to have never heard the concept of working smarter instead of harder. Perhaps the Browns saw in its film review that Richardson had a lack of vision when running the ball. Instead of using the space that is given, he seems determined to try to run the ball into the most crowded space possible. For a starting running back in the NFL, having a lack of vision is a huge concern.

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4. No Explosion

Trent Richardson Fantasy Football
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Richardson was never really known as an explosive player. In his rookie season with the Browns, Richardson only averaged 3.6 yards a carry and he barely had any rushes that went for more than 10 yards. Fantasy football players love running backs who have the ability to break off a big run anytime they touch the ball, but Richardson is not that guy.

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3. Competition

Donald Brown Fantasy Football
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If Richardson continues to have lousy games, the Colts have other options. Even though some of these running backs are free agents, Indianapolis would still potentially be able to turn to Donald Brown, Vic Ballard and Ahmad Bradshaw if Richardson is not getting the job done. If the Colts play the hot hand, Brown or Ballard will limit the fantasy value of Richardson.

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2. Overrated

Trent Richardson
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Sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one. Richardson may have been overrated coming out of college. In his most successful season in college and the NFL, Richardson rushed the ball more than 260 times. His success may just be the fact that he touches the ball a ton, and his numbers become inflated because of his touches. Alabama also created a lot of room for him to run, so it could just be that expectations are too high for Richardson.

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1. Playbook Comprehension

Trent Richardson Fantasy Football
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If Richardson is struggling to learn the playbook, then you can't expect him to be a starting running back on your fantasy team. Richardson recently stated that he is still trying to get a feel for the Colts' offensive system, so that is a huge cause for concern for anyone considering drafting him. If he can't understand the plays, then Richardson will not start in Indianapolis.