NBA Top Plays for Monday, February 6th

By Will Colello

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Point Guard

Kyle Lowry $16,300

Derozan took a seat yesterday, which leads us to expect he will miss on the second half of a B2B. Lowry has been insanely consistent with Derozan out, and flashed his upside with a triple double yesterday. He gets another phenomenal match up against the Clippers, who have ranked in the bottom 10 against PG’s since Chris Paul got injured. Austin Rivers and Raymond Felton are both pretty effective on offense, but lack the skills to stay with a guy like Kyle Lowry. Lowry has been sitting over 45 fantasy points on a consistent basis, and expect nothing less tonight. Both of these teams played yesterday, which should keep it competitive. Lowry is the only guy the Raptors can count on with Derozan out, so he will play big minutes. You can plug him into both your cash games and tournaments.

Raymond Felton $7,950

Felton has just been super consistent with Chris Paul out, and has shown no sign of slowing down. This match up with the Raptors is great, as they have ranked 8th worst against opposing PG’s. Felton has been a pretty good orchestrator of this offense, and seems to have great chemistry with Griffin and Jordan. Felton may not have the upside you look for in tournaments, but can certainly be played in cash games if you are looking for around 25. If you are looking for more upside at the PG position, you will have to pay up, which could hurt you elsewhere. For that reason, I see the merit in Felton for all formats.

Shooting Guard

Dwyane Wade $14,050

Jimmy Butler is currently listed as day to day, which leads me to think he will miss at least another game or two. Wade has been playing extremely well, and obviously gets a big bump if Butler does miss. The Kings are one of the best match ups in the league for SG’s, as they have ranked in the bottom 10 for about 5 years now. Ben McLemore and Malachi Richardson are both putrid defenders, and Wade will be able to destroy both. With Rudy Gay out for the year and Garrett Temple out for a few games, the Kings have nobody to rely on for perimeter defense. I definitely like Wade more if Butler misses, but I like him either way.

Norman Powell $7,500

We are going under the assumption that Derozan sits this one out, so keep that in mind. If Derozan does end up playing, Powell is nowhere near as good of a play. However, if he misses, you almost have to plug in Powell. He has been getting big minutes with Derozan out, and the production has certainly been there. He is a scorer by nature, and has no problem initiating offense. He should be able to do that against the defense of Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers, who are both pretty small. Powell could go a little under owned with all of the options at SG, and I absolutely love him in all formats. He also lets you pay up elsewhere, which will be needed with some great pricey options on the board.

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Small Forward

LeBron James $21,650

Lebron has been playing big minutes recently, which scares me, but also could be good. I don’t think he will take a bump in minutes against the Wizards, as they are an Eastern Conference foe that is in the top 3. The Wizards will toss Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre at James, and I don’t think either stand a chance. Kyrie Irving is also iffy for this game as it stands, which could give a huge usage bump to James. There are a lot of ways to pay up tonight, and James is certainly one of my favorites. If Irving plays, he will likely be limited to my cash games. If Irving does end up missing, LeBron will jump to the top of my list in tournaments as well.

Harrison Barnes $12,650

Harrison Barnes has been the catalyst of this team that has been on a crazy roll. He is the only guy who has been consistent all season long, and it has started to pay off. This match up with the Nuggets is a great one, as they lack the ability to cover any small forward. Gallinari is currently questionable, and he is not much better if he does play, especially on a hobbled leg. Barnes is way too cheap here, and will be a staple in my lineups across the board. He offers plenty of upside, and the safety is obviously there.

Power Forward

Anthony Davis $20,100

It looks like Anthony Davis is back to playing huge minutes. When he is consistently playing big minutes, I will have a ton of exposure on a nightly basis. This game with the Suns figures to be fast paced, which is when Davis excels. Davis is another of the expensive guys I have a lot of interest in, which is why I will have a lot of tournament lineups tonight. The Suns will throw Tyson Chandler and Marquees Chriss at AD, and neither will have a chance. He is much too talented for either, and will exploit them. You can play him in all formats, and I would be surprised if he didn’t hit 60 fantasy points.

Lavoy Allen $5,000

With the assumption that Thad Young misses this game, Lavoy Allen is a must play. He saw huge minutes last game, and would expect him to see another 30 or so tonight. The Pacers don’t mind throwing Allen out there for a while, as they trust him a ton. This match up with the Thunder shapes up pretty well, as they tend to play fast and offer up a lot of peripherals. That is exactly where Allen gets his upside, and at only 5k, he doesn’t need to do much. Allen will likely be in all of my lineups.


DeMarcus Cousins $23,700

DeMarcus Cousins is another way you can pay up, and there is an equal argument for him over the rest. The Bulls have not been good against centers this season, and Cousins is on a whole different level. He has been over 60 points on a consistent basis in his last 20, and there is nobody on this team who has any chance of slowing him down. Cousins is a terrific way to go in both cash games and tournaments, though there is a really interesting option lower at center. That could force you to play Cousins at PF.

Guillermo Hernangomez $7,250

This is the only reason Cousins might not have a stronghold on my center position. Joakim Noah has been ruled out, which means Hernangomez is going to see huge minutes. He has been amazing as of late, and it doesn’t seem to be a fluke. This match up with the Lakers is tremendous, as we all know just how bad they are against bigs. Hernangomez is still too cheap, and I will have a ton of exposure in all formats. The ability to hit 40 points is just too clear to fade him.

Get a Free Entry to a $200 DraftDay Contest using Bonus Code: RANT

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