NBA Top Plays for Monday, March 20th

By Will Colello

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Point Guard

Russell Westbrook $25,000

Westbrook and Harden are both 25k tonight on DraftDay. I think both are great options and I will have a ton of exposure to them in cash and tournaments. The Thunder will face-off with the Warriors, who play extremely fast and not much defense. Westbrook is obviously a triple-double machine and I would expect at least 60 fantasy points if it stays close. While I do worry about the blowout concern, I think the Thunder will get Westbrook 38 minutes either way. Stephen Curry is an atrocious defender and Westbrook will be able to get to the rim with ease. He is an elite play in both cash games and tournaments.

Elfrid Payton $12,050

Elfrid Payton has been playing great lately, topping 35 in 3 of his last 6 and 45 in 2 of those. Payton has been seeing tremendous minutes as of late and looks to be turning into a great young player. He gets a match-up with the 76ers that’s ideal for Payton, who is reliant upon peripherals for upside. He is a very safe cash game player on DraftDay at only 12.05k and only needs about 30 to hit value. He makes sense in tournaments as well as he has shown his upside lately. Payton may be popular, but I’m willing to play the chalk.

Shooting Guard

James Harden $25,000

Harden, like Westbrook, is 25k. A lot of people will avoid both and go with a more balanced approach, which I think is wrong on this slate. Harden played this Nuggets team just 2 night ago and put up 40/10/10 and over 80 fantasy points. While we might not want to expect another performance like that, it’s definitely possible. The Nuggets don’t have anyone capable of guarding Harden, who is faster than Gary Harris and too quick for Will Barton. This game figures to be extremely high scoring and close, so I will definitely look to get a lot of exposure.

J.J. Redick $8,750

Redick is definitely more of a cash game play tonight, facing off with the Knicks in what seems to be a very intriguing game. Vegas has it pretty close and the Clippers are projected to score over 105. Redick is one of the best 3-point shooters in the league and has seen a dramatic increase in production since the return of Chris Paul. Courtney Lee is a fine defender but lacks the ability to shut down the 3-point line. Redick will have plenty of success on the perimeter and has a ton of upside if his shot is falling. Paul will look to him early and often against one of the league’s worst 3-point defensive teams. Redick is a guy I will have a lot of exposure to in cash games on DraftDay.

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Small Forward

Otto Porter $12,300

Otto Porter and the Wizards will face off with the Celtics tonight in what figures to be one of the best DFS games of the night. Porter is as steady as it gets on the Washington side and gets you pretty cheap exposure to the highest over/under on the slate. He still holds the highest 3 point % in the league and is a threat anytime he has the ball. Jae Crowder is a good individual defender but often helps on the interior a lot. That should leave Porter open on the outside for some 3’s. He will also be just fine in terms of rebounding and assists as the Celtics offer up some of the weakest transition defense around. Porter is a quality option in cash games and tourneys.

Andre Iguodala $7,850

With Kevin Durant out, Andre Iguodala has seen very consistent and productive minutes. He gets an up-pace match-up with the Thunder in what looks to be a great game to target. Iggy could be used to cover Westbrook down the stretch or Oladipo if he gets hot. Iggy has provided a spark off the bench and in the starting lineup since KD has been hurt, so he is a good option either way. I actually do expect this game to be close and Iguodala should see at least 28 minutes. He is always a guy who produces when on the floor, so he’s safe for cash and has the upside in tourneys, especially on DraftDay at just 7.8k.

Power Forward

Dario Saric $12,850

Saric is one of the only bright spots left for the 76ers, who have moved all hope towards future seasons. I expect the 76ers to continue giving Dario Saric big minutes in hope to get him more and more acquainted to the NBA as these superstars sit on the bench. The Magic are one of the better match-ups around for Saric, who excels against undersized forwards. With Ibaka gone, Aaron Gordon has taken over at the 4. He is more of a SF and Saric will certainly take advantage. You can count on Saric in both cash games and tournaments. His price is way too low on DD at only 12.8k and needs around 35 to hit value.

Ersan Ilyasova $9,050

Paul Millsap and Kent Bazemore have already been ruled out for this game, so Ersan Ilyasova should be locked into at least 32 minutes. This match-up with the Hornets is a great one as they have ranked 3rd to last in FP’s allowed to PF’s. Ilyasova has been pretty good so far since being traded to the Hawks, averaging over 1 FP per minute. Ilyasova is a very straight-forward value option and is close to a must play on DraftDay in both cash games and tournaments. He may be popular, but rightfully so.


DeAndre Jordan $14,900 and Guillermo Hernangomez $9,450

DeAndre Jordan has actually gone rather over-looked around the industry today, which is spectacular news. The Knicks are one of the weaker interior teams in the league and give up a ton of rebounds. DeAndre Jordan is a different player with Chris Paul on the court and has shown that recently. He will be able to dominate the Knicks interior and a double-double is an absolute lock. As for Hernangomez, he should be fine as well. The Knicks will need to toss Hernangomez on the floor for at least 30 minutes and he has been great given the minutes. While he may not be a defensive stalwart, Hernangomez is a great rebounder and interior scorer. I like both of these guys in all formats at their respective prices.

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