Scott’s Fantasy Football All-Star Team

It’s been a weird fantasy season in some ways. We had the usual surprise RBs that jumped to the top of the heap (and will subsequently be over-drafted next fantasy season), but we also had those REALLY surprising performers. Since […]

Studs, Duds and Fantasy Football–Week 17

The fantasy season is now officially over. Hopefully you walked away with a championship. If you didn’t (like me) then there’s plenty of people to be angry at. Let’s review. The Champion Well Arian Foster certainly knows how to finish. […]

Dual Paths: Cunningham and Vick

Speed. Agility. A cannon arm. An uncanny ability to make something out of nothing. These attributes all describe one of the greatest athletes in the history of the NFL. One who had merely gotten by in the past on sheer […]

Studs, Duds and Fantasy Football–Week 16

A QB probably won you a championship this week or lost you one. Such is the disparity of life. Let’s review with a special QB-centric version of this week’s studs and duds. Best QB 34 points from Aaron Rodgers as […]

Week 16 Start/Sit Special Saturday Edition—Cardinals/Cowboys

Merry Christmas America! Your gift from the NFL? A meaningless, more-than-likely blowout between the offensive Cardinals (I’ve used this bad joke several times throughout the year, but whatev’s) and the Dallas Cowboys–America’s Chosen Team. Not the most exciting game out […]

Week 16 Start/Sit Special Thursday Edition—Panthers/Steelers

In last week’s Thursday start/sit column, I complained about how these Thursday night games stink a majority of the time. Well, this matchup is even worse as we, the viewing public, are supposed to watch the wretched Carolina Panthers attempt […]

FF All-Matchup Team: Stay Away From These Guys in Week 16

Who has the worst matchups of the penultimate championship round? Read, discover, and of course, learn. QB: Carson Palmer vs. the San Diego Chargers Hey look, the Bengals win a game if they don’t let Carson Palmer throw it. What […]

Studs, Duds and Fantasy Football–Week 15

It’s Monday, we’re in the fantasy playoffs; time to review. Top Performer At one point Mike Vick had 1 fantasy point in the 2nd quarter and things didn’t look like they were going the get any better. In fact, I […]

Week 14 Start/Sit Special Thursday Edition—Chargers/49ers

Do you ever notice that on paper every Thursday night game looks pretty good coming into a season…and then by the mid-way point of said season, they end up being the most boring matchups possible? I guess it’s just payback […]

FF All-Matchup Team: Stay Away From These Guys in Week 15

We did this last week…and now we’re back for more! As I wrote last week, just because a player has a bad matchup doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start them. An example: coming into last week, Tom Brady had the […]

Studs, Duds and Fantasy Football–Week 14

The Brightside: Chances are that if you made it into your league’s playoff, then your matchup is likely fairly low scoring and with four teams playing tonight, you probably have a good shot to win this game. The Downside: With […]

Week 14 Start/Sit Special Thursday Edition—Colts/Titans

You pretty much know who you’re going to start in this game, but I might have a surprise or two for you. So let’s just get right into it, shall we? Start These Guys Peyton Manning–Yeah, he’s been turning the […]