Phil Mickelson Won’t Be Part Owner of San Diego Padres

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it looks like everyone jumped the gun on the talk of Phil Mickelson being a part of the group taking over the San Diego Padres. As it turns out, “Lefty” will not be involved with the group that bought the Padres back in August.

The decision was confirmed by Peter Seidler, part of the ownership group, in an email sent to the media on Wednesday. “While we have had productive and enjoyable discussions with Phil, I respect his decision and appreciate his sincere approach. We share a passion for San Diego, a commitment to the community and I look forward to a long friendship.”

This is certainly an interesting development, considering how excited Mickelson seemed to be about the potential to own part of the MLB team in his hometown. In fact, after taking a charity shot from the field on Monday Night Football in October, Mickelson said, “It looks pretty promising and hopefully here in the next few days we’ll have something to announce. I think we’re getting it worked out.”

There are a number of reasons why a deal of this magnitude did not come to fruition, but what we know for sure is that Mickelson was interested, at some point, in joining the group that eventually purchased the Padres.

Phil clearly has the funds available to take on such a venture, and he is incredibly involved in the local San Diego community. Whether or not he is part owner of the Padres, Mickelson is sure to continue his charitable works in the area. Plus, this will give him even more time to focus on getting his golf game where he wants it before the 2013 season starts.


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