The Barclays: Stiff Neck and Back Won't Hamper Tiger Woods at Start of FedEx Cup Playoffs

By Carl Conrad
Tiger Woods Barclays Stiff Neck and Back
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If Tiger Woods fails to perform well at The Barclays this week he might be able to blame it on unsuitable sleeping conditions. Apparently El Tigre likes his mattresses on the firm side and softer ones give him back and neck problems. I can already see the Sleep Number commercial in my head.

Woods took it easy during his practice round at Liberty National Golf Club today ahead of the FedEx Cup Playoff opener that is slated to begin tomorrow. He only played nine holes and spent the other nine chipping and putting, exclusively. The reason for his relaxed approach to today’s practice round was the fact that he was dealing with a bit of a stiff back and neck. “It was stiff this morning after a soft bed,” Woods said. “Just one of those things, sleeping in hotels and I didn’t want to push it, so just took it easy.” You’d think that Woods would have the means and clout to make sure that his bed was up to par. I guess a good bed in New Jersey is harder to come by than I imagined – even for Tiger Woods. I’d hate to see what I would get stuck with.

It was actually a bit of a surprise that Woods even entered this event, considering he came in with a 766 point lead in the FedEx Cup standings. He could have taken the week off and still been in prime position to contend for the $10 million purse that is awarded to the champion annually. At least he has the luxury of not having to concern himself with qualifying for the Deutsche Bank Championship next week. At this juncture, any points he picks up this week are gravy, even if he does end up being ousted from the top spot.

He will likely get some treatment today in order to try and work out the kinks in the impacted areas. If he’s not 100% tomorrow, he should be back to normal by the time the weekend rolls around.

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