Minnesota Twins Fans: Overconfidence Leads To Downfalls

By robertnovak

While the division race is getting closer and closer to being over, Twins fans have gotten a little too overconfident for my taste.

As I’m sure those of you that have read this blog before have figured out, I’m a die-hard White Sox fan. Dressed in black and white days after I was born, White Sox baseball is essentially in my blood. I’ll fight for the team and defend the team any way possible. While time is running thin for the White Sox to catch the Twins, it’s disappointing and even disgusting to see everywhere that everyone has been saying the White Sox are officially out of the race and they are handing the division to the Twins for some time now. It’s not only just the Twins fans making those comments, but it seems like the rest of baseball has written us off as well.

First off, the whole magic number bit is just getting ridiculous nowadays. For those of you who don’t know what that is, the magic number concept is the amount of games left until a team officially clinches their division. I can understand counting down when the number is under 10 games, but seriously, right now it’s at 17 games.  There is still more than enough time for the White Sox to come back and catch the Twins. If that’s not bad enough, there have been sites I have seen that have been counting down since 20 games and a couple at 25 games. I don’t know what kind of….. well frankly unjustified and even somewhat sickening overconfidence those people have but they sure must get down a lot if they get their hopes up that far away. I’m sure they are the same people that thought Brett Favre would play really well in last night’s game against the Saints but that’s besides the point.

Another thing that gets me irritated is the fact that it seems like anyone and everyone is coming up with all these postseason plans and to-do lists for the Twins before getting into the postseason like the division has been theirs for the past 3 months. Among these things include:

  • A to-do list  for the Twins as the postseason nears. This one is a trip because he starts out saying that there is no guarantee the Twins are in just yet. If that’s the case, why talk about a to-do list unless you’ve already determined the White Sox are done?
  • September 7: an article is posted talking about how the Twins are more than capable of getting past the ALDS, past the ALCS, and having a really good shot of getting back to the World Series….. all without winning the division yet
  • A theory of the Twins making the World Series due to a freak blizzard delaying the ALCS because of Target Field being outside
  • Even one of our very own on this site stating who needs to get healthy for the Twins in order to have a good postseason run. Not to mention posting that on August 31st, with the White Sox only 4 games behind the Twins and over a month yet to play.

Now I can almost guarantee that every Twins fan or anyone that doesn’t like the White Sox who reads this is going to think that I’m just complaining because the White Sox aren’t playing very well and have a slim shot of making the playoffs now. That isn’t the case at all. I applaud the Twins, they are playing good baseball, they are taking advantage of their opportunities, and are doing the things they need to do in order to prepare for the likes of the Yankees, Rangers, Rays, or anyone else they may face in the playoffs. If they were to get past the ALDS, I’d rather take them winning the ALCS over the Yankees any day of the week, regardless of the White Sox-Twins rivalry. That being said, you don’t crown yourself division champs and start talking about postseason plans over a month from the season being over when there is still a legit shot of someone else catching them. All of you Twins fans out there know that it’s possible to make up huge deficits within the last month of the season. Remember last year when you were down 5.5 games to the Tigers after the first week of September and ended up overcoming that deficit and winning the division in game 163? 5.5 games and 6 games isn’t that huge of a difference so it isn’t impossible for the White Sox to come back. While I admit it’s highly unlikely, it’s still a possibility. Until that magic number is zero, there are no guarantees.

“Overconfidence-Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you can survive the odds beating you.” Larry Kersten

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