Could Bobby Valentine Be The Next Brewers Manager?

By chrisrundell

Everywhere you go  it seems the name Bobby Valentine pops up as the Brewers next manager. Now it would be great to have Bobby Valentine as the next manager, but I have a feeling he will not take the job if offered. There are many reasons I say this. The Brewers have been known not to pay their managers a lot of money and Bobby Valentine will command a high wage. Secondly, Valentine will want a lot of control as far as player personnel and I don’t see the Brewers giving that to him. Third does Valentine want to leave his cushy job at ESPN and the money that comes along with it.

I am hoping I am wrong and Bobby Valentine is named the next manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, but I seriously doubt that will happen. The Brewers in the end I think will choose Bob Melvin as their next manager as Valentine if offered the job probably will turn it down. I am hoping I am wrong though as Valentine would be an excellent manager.

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