All Paul Konerko Wants for Christmas Is...

By Joe Tichy

Dear Baseball Santa (I’d like to think he looks something like Tommy Lasorda with a beard),

Please give Paul Konerko the respect he deserves as a first baseman in Major League Baseball.  If the phrase Most Valuable Player is looked up in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Paul Konerko accompanying it.

Konerko gets lost among the Pujols’, Teixeiras, and Fielders of the first baseman baseball universe.  The fact Konerko was not automatically put into the All-Star game was a complete joke.  It shows you what happens when you leave the voting in the hands of the fans as well, but that topic is for another article.

Konerko has averaged 147 games played, 30 home runs, and nearly 95 RBIs in thirteen seasons with the team.  Konerko will go down in White Sox history alongside Frank Thomas as one of the most remembered White Sox players in recent history.

Konerko kept his cool when the team was down and out for the majority of the season last year, which says a lot about the character of a player.  Never once did you hear about Konerko pointing fingers or quitting on his team.  Kenny Williams even considered making him the player/manager of the team before hiring Robin Ventura.

Off the field, he’s as classy as they come as well.  Konerko was a nominee for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award for his charity work with former teammate and fellow good guy Jim Thome.  The two good guys started their own organization and have raised nearly half a million dollars since 2007 helping foster children and families.

There is my case for Paulie’s Christmas, baseball Santa.  He should be on your good list.  No coal for this captain.  He deserves the city, but for now, I shall just request respect.


Joseph Tichy


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