Should The Angels Trade Peter Bourjos?

With the emergence of superstar in the making Mike Trout, Peter Bourjos right now appears to be the odd man out for the Los Angeles Angels. With that being said, should the Angels put Peter Bourjos on the block and see what kind of market there is for him?

Peter Bourjos can fly, and play center field with the best in baseball. I don’t know if he’s going to hit enough to be an all star, but I think he’ll be a pretty decent major league player if given the opportunity in full. Speed wreaks havoc on defenses, and Bourjos has as much speed as anyone in the game, and that’s insanely valuable.

I’m not sure what kind of market Peter Bourjos has, but I imagine several teams would at least be asking about him. How many teams in baseball could use a guy like that? Most of them right? So why are the Angels hanging on? I think it’s because Torii Hunter is getting older, so the Angels don’t want to give up on someone as young as him.

The problem with that is the Angels spent a lot of money this offseason to bring a world series to LA, so I don’t think they can be “building for the future” at the same time. I think to make their investment work, putting Bourjos on the market to improve their current team makes the most sense. We’ll see what happens as the 2012 MLB trade deadline gets closer.