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Even When Mets Fall They Show Promise

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Nick Swisher corralled the final out at Citi Field giving the Yankees a 6-5 victory and series victory over the Mets. However, all is not lost. The sky is not falling. It might be drizzling in Flushing but by no means will the drizzle dampen what the New York Mets were able to accomplish this weekend. Yes, the numbers show the Mets dropping two in a row. Yes, the Yankees won the series, and yes the New York Mets failed to deliver in the late innings with little help from the bullpen. However Mets fans, no need to panic. No need to run and hide from the Yankees fans. Your team played exceptional this weekend and there should be no grief in losing this series, in fact, you should feel as if your team won the series.

Let’s break it down.

Game 1- Yankees 4 Mets 6

Game 2- Yankees 4 Mets 3

Game 3- Yankees 6 Mets 5

The first positive noted is that Mets pitching held a very potent Yankee offense to four runs each of the first two games. An offense that scores 4.7 runs per game and could do some serious damage with that lineup was neutralized this series.

The second positive was that Chris Young pitched very well. With the exception of Raul Ibanez’s home run in Saturday’s contest the right hander held his own against the Yankees in 6.1 innings pitched.

The third and biggest positive on why the Mets played well this series. The Long ball. The Yankees scored a total of 14 runs this series. 13 of those runs were recorded via the home run. With the exception of the lone non-longball run (A fielder’s choice) the only runs the Amazins’ gave up went over the fence. For a team that scores 52.2% of their runs from dingers, it is to be expected that the Yankees would have a couple of balls leave the yard. ¬†However, the Mets rallied back from a 4-0 and 5-1 deficit in the Sunday night finale not using the long ball, they manufactured runs via the single and double variety. They kept the carousel moving, and were one hit away from taking the series from the crosstown rivals.

The series loss stings, but only temporarily. The Mets played well enough the series not to feel discouraged. Looking at the positives the team showed they could hang with the big boys and if the ball bounces a little differently, the Mets would’ve been the team putting another “W” under their belt. So as the rain begins to pick up, and as I look out my window, I don’t see the sky falling, I don’t see any of the rain drops hitting the Mets ¬†parade. I see a team that showed a lot of fight this series and will continue to fight throughout the summer.

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