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Matt Garza: Despite Numbers, Trade Value Is Still High

Matt Garza hasn’t exactly pitched like the ace the Chicago Cubs thought they were getting when they traded their farm system for him a few winters ago. Apparently, that doesn’t matter to not only the Cubs, but other teams interested in him. Matt Garza is still very “control-able” and a team doesn’t have to worry about him bolting for free agency in the winter. He’s a tough minded right hander that is very battle tested from his days in the AL East, and stuck in a terrible situation in Chicago. I think every team believes he’ll go back to the guy that will be a top of the rotation candidate the second he’s traded for.

With that being said, what his Garza’s trade value? Well, several reports have surfaced saying the Cubs want an A and B prospect, and 2 younger above average prospects. That’s a pretty similar price the Cubs traded to get Garza, and shows pitching is still at a premium.

There are several teams that need him. The Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, and even the New York Mets could be in the running for him. It’s going to be fun to watch because with injuries, you never know if someone will OVER PAY to get Garza’s services.

I love the fact the Cubs are going to hold out for top value because unlike Ryan Dempster, the Cubs don’t HAVE to trade Garza at the deadline if they don’t want.

The Cubs are going about this season the right way, and a trade of Garza will continue a very good strategy. We’ll keep you updated here at as there will be plenty of deadline coverage.