Bryce Harper Is No Longer an Immature Player

By Kenny DeJohn

When Bryce Harper was called up by the Washington Nationals, many questioned the team’s decision to bring him up so early in the season.

Questions remained about his performance at the professional level—he stunk in the minors—and many were left asking themselves how someone as immature as Harper got the call so early on in his career.

Well, questions regarding his performance were soon silenced. His offensive exploits since day one have helped to lead an otherwise lacking Nationals offense.

His play from the No. 2 spot in the lineup has been stellar for the team, and his exciting playmaking abilities in the outfield have also been fun to watch.

What people still fail to see, though, is his growth as a human and as a representative of the sport.

Bryce Harper has put together a nice collection of classy acts over the course of the past month alone. His first act came when he found out about a fallen Denver-area police woman named Celina Hollins.

Hollins, a single mother, left behind a daughter with no one to help provide for her.

Bryce Harper came up with a great solution. He called the Denver Beer Company, a brewery that had recently started brewing a just-for-fun beer called “Clown Question, Bro Beer.” His goal was to get a portion of the profits (none of which ever went to Harper) to go to a charity for Hollins’ daughter.

Bryce Harper’s next classy move came over the past week. He was named a candidate for the 2012 All-Star Game’s “Final Vote,” and many feel as if he is deserving of a spot on the roster.

Also named a candidate was Chipper Jones, who is retiring at season’s end. Bryce Harper urged fans to vote for Jones (“I’d vote for Chipper”), even if it meant that he himself would not be an All-Star.

Immature? I think not.



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