Toronto Blue Jays Fan Catches Foul Ball Between Legs Due To Full Hands

By Riley Schmitt

Sometimes getting a foul ball at a game is a lot of work.  Some people are just not cut out for it but this Toronto Blue Jays fan decided that he didn’t even need his hands to get a ball.  He was coming to his seat with refreshments and decided to trap the ball between his legs.  Risky, yet effective.

See, a lot of people would have either dropped one of the items to try to snag it with his bare hand.  This guy was smart and did some quick thinking.  He acted like a hockey goalie and got perfectly in front of the ball.  Catching it in the five hole is just an ode to Canada.

There have been a lot of wacky catches this year and I think you can add this to the list.  Sure, the ball took a hop but how many guys are going to make a play like that.  It is the perfect combination of luck and having some skill.  Not exactly sure what the other guy was doing trying to grab the ball out of there but whatever.

Trust me, this guy has a memory for a life time.  It could have gone wrong in a lot of ways.  He could have lost the food or his drink.  He could have taken a fall while trying to position himself.  Heck, he could have misjudged the ball and raised his voice by about three octaves.  None of those happened and he got himself a souvenir.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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