Cincinnati Reds: 10 Games and Counting

By Jeff Gray

Since the All-Star break, the Cincinnati Reds have been Red hot (pun intended).  During that time the Reds have moved from 1 game back of the Pittsburgh Pirates to 3 games up on the same Pirates.  That is a testament to how well the Pirates have played since the break also.

Granted the Cincinnati Reds have gotten excellent pitching during this time; however, let’s take a look at what the Reds have been able to accomplish during the short time since the break on the offensive end of the game.

-Collectively the Reds have posted a batting average of .277.  Compare that to the .248 average before the break.  Keep in mind, most of that was done without Joey Votto, the team leader in average at .347.
-As a team, the Reds have scored 74 runs, 149 hits, 31 doubles, 4 triples, 70 RBI and a whopping 17 homeruns post-All Star.

All of this, along with the great pitching, shows why the Cincinnati Reds are 14-2 since the break and riding a 10 game win streak. 

Individually, we need to look at three players in particular as stepping up their game to contribute for those victories – Brandon Phillips, Scott Rolen and Ryan Ludwick.

Phillips has been scorching the ball recently.  He has a batting average of .407 and 13 RBI since the break (all this while moving from the #4 position to the #3 position).

Rolen, after a HORRIBLE start, has really contributed since the break too.  He has knocked in 7 runs and is batting at a .341 average.

Ludwick, while still platooning with Chris Heisey in the outfield, has upped his average by going .306 since the break.  For Ludwick, though, it is his power numbers that have been impressive.  He has hit 5 homers and accounted for 12 RBI.

The Cincinnati Reds cannot rest on their laurels now.  Pennants are not won in July.  They must carry on with their work.  And remember, as good as the Reds have been in the month of July, most of it was done without Joey Votto.  Imagine how good they can be when the best player in the league returns in a couple weeks.  Looking forward to that.

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