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5 players and coaches responsible for the Chicago Cubs season

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Theo Epstein
Theo Epstein was brought in to revamp this entire organization. The Chicago Cubs are about to finish yet another brutal season, and there are many guys that can be held accountable. Theo Epstein won't appear on this list as he's walked into a terrible situation, but it's his job to fix it. These are my 5 players and coaches that are to blame for the Cubs pathetic showing.
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#5: Chicago Cubs Bullpen

Chicago Cubs Bullpen
The Chicago Cubs bullpen has been hilariously brutal this year. They lack right handed arms that could I dunno...get anyone out in close games, and Carlos Marmol had a very shaky start in which he was removed as closer. Obviously, this goes without saying. The Cubs need to make this a priority next year or the same problems will continue. Yikes. I don't even wanna think about it.
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#4: Geovany Soto

Geovany Soto
Geovany Soto was a joke. I've never liked the guy, but he was supposed to be that all star back stop for the last 3 years. Instead, Geo smoked and ate himself out of being a decent major league player which in turn led the Cubs to dump him to the Texas Rangers. He failed to lead a young staff defensively and was embarrassing to watch. I'm so glad he's gone.
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#3: Bryan LaHair

Bryan LaHair
The all star game should be thrown out because Bryan LaHair made it. Yeah, he had a great April and then disappeared. I'm 99% sure he hasn't had a hit since May 7th. It's probably not good when your "3" hitter doesn't hit. Just saying. Remember when Cubs fans were thinking LaHair was the real deal? Gil was right, and all of you were wrong. Bye Bye LaHair.
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#2: Chris Bosio

Chris Bosio
Chris Bosio is lucky I don't have him number 1. The Cubs pitching staff was a joke to watch this year outside of Jeff Samardzija. I can't tell you how many times I watched Cubs pitchers throw offspeed garbage that they couldn't control to get themselves in hitters counts with runners on base. It got to the point where I stopped watching certain guys throw. That's 100% on the pitching coach. If he can't teach a guy to attack with his fastball, than you know what? Time to find a new one.
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#1: Dale Svuem

Dale Svuem
Dale Svuem is responsible for this season. From his decisions on where to hit players to his failures of handling Starlin Castro, I don't believe Svuem is the guy to lead this Cubs team. He doesn't relate to young guys and that's a major problem. This is why Dale is my number 1 on this list. It starts and ends at the top.