Blue Jays, Romero End Losing Streaks

By tomsanders




“Awful” and “horrible” have been two frequently used adjectives to describe the Toronto Blue Jays’ last two months.

They were 9-19 in August, and end play tonight 7-15 in September.

That counts as both awful and horrible but, in this two home team border town, where every third car in the big box parking lots is from Ontario, there’s a tendency to not pick on the Canadian team. Because Canada is cool.

Canadians say “oot” and “eh,” and don’t snarl when approached on the street. Grocery stores don’t sell beer. People willingly speak French. Their national anthem is easier to sing. And they gave the world the Guess Who, Pamela Anderson, and The Kids In The Hall.

More than enough to qualify as cool.

And because the other home team, the Detroit Tigers, has been horrible for a lot longer than the Blue Jays. Them, you can make fun of. This season, they’ve found ways to self-destruct that I didn’t know existed.

The Jays have only been at it since 1977. This year, they lost three starting pitchers in three days, and later their best hitter, Jose Bautista. So they get a pass. They have good reasons for turning awful and horrible.

A and H prevailed in the first game of today’s makeup doubleheader in Baltimore (lost 4-1), but were swept away by the joyous noise of base hits and spikes denting the plate in the nightcap. Final 9-5 Jays, nine game losing streak over.

Ricky Romero was shaky, but lasted five to collect the win, and end his personal 13 game losing streak.

And that’s called wonderful, and outstanding, and even groovy.


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