Toronto Blue Jays - Miami Marlins Blockbuster: Reactions From The Twitterverse

By Thom Tsang
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

You’ve done it again, Alex Anthopoulos.

And how.

The Toronto Blue Jays general manager has lit up the baseball world tonight with a still-developing blockbuster in progress that will see somewhere around 12 players change teams between the bluebirds and Miami Marlins. Talk about silencing the skeptics – they weren’t kidding about ramping up the payroll.

It’s a move that, once finalized, should see the Blue Jays fill several major holes on their roster – most importantly in the starting pitching department. You know how the team has been talking about pursuing starting pitching through trade avenues? Turns out, one owner’s crookery (I’m looking at you, Jeffery Loria) is another team’s gain, as the Blue Jays have filled out their rotation with the additions of Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, while also acquiring shortstop Jose Reyes.

…and Anthopoulos managed to get the Marlins to pony up $4 million too.

Yes, there are more names in this salary dump, and there may be more names to come yet. I won’t have a chance to gather my thoughts on the deal (other than that it’s uh, massive) until it’s finalized; Twitter users, on the other hand, have been flooding timelines of baseball fans with initial reactions of the trade.

First, the gathering storm – a collborative effort from the dynamic duo of Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi:

And then things really started to hit the proverbial fan:

But what do the remaining Marlins players think of it all?

I think we can call that a…lukewarm reaction. What about the players from Toronto’s side?

And what might the team’s manager think of these additions to the club? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Blue Jays don’t have one, because the guy bolted for his “dream job”:

That’s okay, though. Maybe Anthopoulos waited on the managerial hiring for a reason, after all.

…but most of all, let us remember the real moving force behind this trade – the one man who made it all possible:

…b-but the team just extended him!

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