The Chicago Cubs Should Make a Run At Giancarlo Stanton

By gilgerard
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not buying the story of Giancarlo Stanton being “untouchable’ by the Miami Marlins This is an organization that has an owner (Jeffrey Loria) with the reputation of being…lets just say not smart. Last winter, they went out and signed the entire free agent class (or so it seemed). Six months later, they began the fire sale and finished that fire sale this winter. What makes Stanton untouchable if everyone else was touchable? That’s why the Chicago Cubs should make some serious phone calls to see if they could pry the young slugger from Miami.

How about trading: Albert Almora, Brett Jackson, Dan Vogelbach, and Trey McNutt for Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco?

Would this be enough to get Stanton? I don’t know. I’m not the Marlins. I look at the talent going to the Marlins and think that it could be enough as there are some real good young players heading to Miami. Would this be a price the Cubs would be willing to pay? Why the heck not?

Look, Almora has a chance at being a nice player. Is he going to be Giancarlo Stanton? No. Will Brett Jackson? No. Vogelbach has a chance to be a major power hitter at first base but the Cubs have a guy named Anthony Rizzo already there. McNutt is one of the best arms (if not the best arm) in the Cubs system, but he’s going to be more like a three or a four in my opinion.

There’s no reason why the Cubs SHOULDN’T make this trade if the Marlins said yes. Stanton is already a top five power hitter in baseball and he’s in his young 20’s. He’s still GROWING as a professional hitter. Throw in little Wrigley Field and this guy could hit 60 bombs a year- he’s that powerful. Could you imagine sticking Stanton in the 4 hole behind Starlin Castro and Rizzo? Uhhh…yes please?

For the Cubs fans who are obsessed with “rebuilding the farm system” and don’t want to give up the prized prospects, I ask you to think a little more logically here. Stanton is again- in his early 20s. He’s already a stud. What makes you so sure the players above would be…anything close to what Stanton already is? The Cubs could easily give him an eight-year 75 million dollar extension at the time of the trade, bypassing his arbitration years.

Look, I don’t know if Stanton is or is not available. It’s the Marlins, so nothing is impossible in my opinion.

If I’m the Cubs, I start putting the pressure on and seeing what they’ll pull the trigger for.

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