Cincinnati Set To See Stars In 2015

By Vinny Carozza
USA Today Presswire

“It’s all over, the National League Wins!!” “Pete Rose barreled into Ray Fosse who is slow in getting up.”  This infamous call by legendary play by play announcer Curt Gowdy in the 1970 All Star game will forever be one of the greatest moments in Cincinnati Reds and Major League Baseball history.

Once again the city of Cincinnati took the national stage yesterday, as Major League Commissioner Bud Selig announced that the Queen City will be the host of the 2015 All Star Game.

This marks the fifth All Star game hosted by the Reds and the first since 1988.  Commissioner Selig held a press conference in Cincinnati on Wednesday and talked about what Reds fans could expect in the summer of 2015.

 ” To the fans of Cincinnati, you’re not going to recognize the event that you last hosted so many years ago,” Selig said. “The All-Star Game remains a celebration of all that’s the best in baseball … but the scale of our festivities today is stunning. The growth of the All-Star Game has mirrored the remarkable growth of the National Pastime itself.”

What Commissioner Selig referred to as, “festivities,” in nothing short of spectacular.  Gone are the days of 88’, where the All Stars came into town, played the game and were gone.  Now the event is a week long celebration starting on Thursday and lasting all the way up to the actual game on Tuesday night.  This includes a weekend fan festival with famous former players, the Home Run Derby, as well as the Legends and Celebrity softball game.  The whole event is estimated to be around an 80-100 million dollar revenue builder for the city of Cincinnati.

Now to the question everybody is asking.  How do I get a ticket? The tickets for the All Star Game are estimated to go on sale the beginning of the 2015 season. They will become available to season tickets holders first and then a lottery will be initiated for the remaining seats. A ticket will include: access to the weekend Fanfest, Home Run Derby, and 86th All Star Game. Currently, tickets for the 2013 All Star Game in New York are going for anywhere between $1300 and $4500, but not to worry in 2015, as the Reds’ price is expected to be significantly less than that.

The Reds ended a 14-year playoff drought in 2010 and grabbed their second division crown in three years  last season.  All that coupled with the edition of the 86th All Star Game and it’s safe to say the city of Cincinnati is back in the national baseball spotlight.

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