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Who Will Be Fifth Starter in Rotation for Arizona Diamondbacks?

Matt Kartozian-USA Today Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have an impending decision to make with spring training coming to a close very soon and regular season about to begin within a week. The Diamondbacks will have to decide which pitcher will have earned the right to be their fifth starter when the season begins. When spring training began there was one pitcher that was believed to have the inside track of earning the fifth spot, and that was top left handed pitching prospect Tyler Skaggs. Skaggs struggled at times with his command during the spring, and he seemed to be putting too much pressure on himself while he pitched.

The Diamondbacks sent Skaggs back down to Reno to work on the issues he had in spring training, and also to take some pressure off the young pitcher. When the Diamondbacks sent Skaggs down, that meant that the competition for the fifth spot would come down to either Patrick Corbin or Randall Delgado. Corbin has pitched this spring like at pitcher who wants the job of being the Diamondbacks fifth starter. Delgado has had his ups and downs during the spring with commanding his pitches and locating them effectively.

Delgado has shown that he can get more velocity on his pitches, but has had issues with leaving some of his pitches up in the zone and that has caused him to have a higher ERA than Corbin during the spring. Corbin has a 3.66 ERA in six games this spring while Delgado’s is 6.88 .

The Diamondbacks will get one more look at each of the pitchers in the final week of spring training and make a decision on who they believe should be the fifth starter.

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