Marcell Ozuna is Miami Marlins Future Now

By David Miller
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It is no secret that the Miami Marlins are struggling overall this season. That generally happens when a team is in a rebuilding phase so it becomes somewhat acceptable with a few requirements. The main things fans need to see to put up with a rebuilding phase are the signs of actual rebuilding. They need to see signs that there is a future for their team that is promising and that they can believe in. Marlins fans do not have to look very hard to see proof that their team has a future.

Giancarlo Stanton is a name that has gotten a lot of recognition this season as being a very promising young player on the major league scene already. He plays right field and in a handful of games has admirable stats this season. With a .227 average, 3 homers, 9 RBI, 3 doubles and 8 runs scored he is getting off to a decent start offensively. Or at least he was before he got hurt. Now it is a waiting game for him to get back; or is it?

Marcell Ozuna was called up to take Stanton’s roster spot and in 12 games at the big league level has shown a little something of promise on his own. He has a .326 average, 1 homer, 5 RBI, 5 doubles and 5 runs scored. He has also showcased a very strong and accurate arm as well as highlight reel capability playing the outfield. His showing is actually better in some ways than that of Stanton considering he has played in fewer games.

What does this mean? Will Ozuna have a spot on the team even after Stanton comes back? I don’t know honestly but he is making quite a case for it. Either way the truth of the Marlins future is right in front of their fans now. Young pitchers called up are able to compete and compete well at the highest level. Prospect outfielders and position players in the minor league system are making noise.

This is good news Marlins fans. I understand it isn’t fun to watch your team lose a lot of games right now but take heart. There is a future for this franchise as long as nothing strange happens with the promising prospects in the farm system. Look to them; keep tabs on their progress as well as the major league club. It might help the future arrive a little earlier.

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