Minnesota Twins Should Trade Justin Morneau Without a Doubt

By David Miller
Justin Morneau
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Once again trade rumors are circling over the Minnesota Twins roster like buzzards over prey. This season the main two players that seem to be the subject are closer Glen Perkins and as usual, first baseman Justin Morneau. Both players say that they are trying to just play the game and that they want to stay with the Twins. Unfortunately unless big changes come to Morneau, I think the Twins would be better without him.

Consider the facts of both players. Perkins wants to stay and even as an All-Star closer who is clearly one of the better closers in the game, only makes around $4 million per year. He consistently proves he is on top of his game and has many more great years ahead than he has behind him. The same isn’t true, or doesn’t seem to be true of Morneau. He hasn’t been the same player, statistically since 2010 when his year was shortened. The most RBI he has gotten since then is in the 70’s and he hasn’t been back to the All-Star game.

I don’t necessarily think that Morneau’s career is done but he certainly should be done in Minnesota. How could they justify paying him upwards of $14 million per season when he hasn’t produced like an All-Star in years? Possibly if he were willing to accept less money it could work out. Maybe he wants to stay in Minnesota that badly but I honestly doubt it.

In the end I think the decisions should be clear for the Twins. They should keep Perkins unless someone offers them an incredible deal and even then I don’t think they should trade him. Morneau might actually benefit from a change of scenery and the Twins don’t need to send another $14 million plus out the window for him. Some teams might be able to afford that price for those stats but I don’t think the Twins can or should.

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