Cleveland Indians Have to Gain Ground during Oakland Athletics Series

By David Miller
Michael Brantley
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The second half of the season has been struggle for the Cleveland Indians. They have stayed above water and do certainly have the right to brag about hanging tough in a tough division race. Realistically they are out of the race for the American League Central unless the Detroit Tigers really fall apart. The wildcard race is a different story however and that is where the Indians have to gain ground while playing the Oakland Athletics.

For the balance of this season the Indians have really played well against the American League West. The good thing about that is that the competition for one of the wildcard spots is mostly sitting in that division. The A’s hold the second wildcard spot at the current time. They are not far ahead and the Indians aren’t right behind them but the opportunity is still there. Going into the series three games behind the A’s for that coveted second wildcard spot, they can at least pull even with the A’s and have fewer teams in front of them. If everyone in front of them has a bad weekend then they also could pull even with the lead in the second wildcard spot.

Either way the western swing of their current series could be a really big deal for the Indians if for nothing else, because they play well against those teams. They might not sweep both series but they should take full advantage and win as many as they can. At this point they are just like everyone else that is still in the race. Their fate is in their own hands to a certain degree. If they go on a great streak where they win ten of twelve games then they would probably overtake the wildcard lead. That necessary up swing could and should start as they play their favorite foes.

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