Chicago Cubs Rumors: Are They Looking To Trade Welington Castillo?

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If there was one player that took his game to another level this season for the Chicago Cubs, it was catcher Welington Castillo. In his first full season in the Show this year, Castillo was rocked hard by a slow start, but ended the season on a tear and being the team’s most productive player on both sides of the ball.

And with the Cubs in a peaking stage of their rebuilding efforts, a valuable asset behind the plate could be key. Catcher is considered one of the most valuable pieces defensively and being historically a poor position in terms of prospects, it would be huge for the Cubs to have a 26-year old backstop entering his prime years as part of the core.

That is, if he’s not traded this offseason.

Although Castillo is a solid option at the plate, he’s not an OBP machine (one of the Cubs’ issues this past season was to get on base at a consistent clip) either and due to his value being at an all-time high, he might be used as a trade chip to fill another need — maybe a starter like David Price or an All-Star outfielder like Carlos Gonzalez.

If he’s traded, he would certainly bring some good young players back, but that wouldn’t ideal at this stage. The Cubs would need to fill the position via free agency, where they could try to re-sign Dioner Navarro or maybe pursue someone like Brian McCann or Jarrod Saltalamacchia, meaning they would have to spend money and submit the new player through an adapting process that’s certainly not what the team needs at this stage.

At some point, the Cubs will need to start keeping their pieces together as it’s the only way they can turn the corner in their rebuilding process. And if they want to start making smart moves this offseason, one of their priorities should be to lock up Castillo the same way they did with Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo.

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  • AG Ginn 515

    His OBP was .349 and that was one of the best on the team and is arbitration eligible in 2015 also could turn into one of the best catchers in the NL. Juan Pablo Aravena you’re an idiot and check your stats next time before you write a bunch of B.S.!

    • Farva55

      A .349 OBP isn’t exactly “good.” Maybe slightly above average.

      Homer much?

      • AG Ginn 515

        Look at other catchers in the league this year he’s one of the top guys in the league. I think hes more a guy that’ll hit into the caps maybe could develop into 15hrs which is respectable

    • Juan Pablo Aravena

      I did check the stats and .349 isn’t THAT good. He is a solid asset behind the plate and I wouldn’t trade him personally, but I’m just saying that if a trade happens, now is the time to do it.

      • AG Ginn 515

        Wellington Castillo OBP was 349 and if you look at other catchers in the league he was better than Derek Norris 345 A’s, Brian McCann 336 Braves. JP Arencibia 227 Blue Jays, Jouthan LuCroy was 340 Brewers, Migual Montero 318 Dbacks, AJ Ellis 318 Dodgers, Mike Zunio 290 Mariners, Jeff Mathis 251 Marlins, John Buck 285 Mets before being traded to the Pirates, Wilson Ramos 307 Nationals, Matt Wieters 287 Orioles, Nick Hundley 290 Paders, Carlos Ruiz 320 Phillies, Russell Martin 327 Pirates. AJ Pierzynski 297 Rangers, Jose Molina 290 Rays, Jarrod Saltalamcchia 338 Red Sox, Devin Mesoraco 287 Reds. Willin Rosario 315 Rockies, Salvador Perez 323 Royals, Alex Avila 317 Tigers, Chris Stewart 293 Yankees. Tyler Flowers 247 White Sox.

        Who had a better OBP then Wellington Castillo, Chris Iannetta 358 Angles, Jason Castro 350 Astros, Yadier Molina 359 Cardinals, Buster Posey 371, Carlos Santana 377 Indians, Joe Mauer 404 Twins.

        I don’t think it would be smart to sign Brian McCann when he’s gonna get a 100 mill contract and most likely go to the AL so he can DH with his injury history and likely will decline, or sign Jarrod Saltalamcchia when he’ll probably get a deal between 60-80 mill deal and hes in a platoon role with David Ross. Why not give Castillo another year and see what he does, you’ll save money in the long run for our other prospects coming up. Your point makes no sense. THANKS FOR READING! You’re going off on what rumors are saying.

        • Juan Pablo Aravena

          You make some interesting points, but there’s one thing. I never said they were going to trade him. Like I told you earlier, I’m all in for keeping him in the long run. My focus was that IF the front office wanted to trade him, then now would be the time to do it. Thanks for reading.

          • AG Ginn 515

            Then why write an article about what if for? when they won’t trade him because he could turn into one of the best catchers in the game.