Detroit Tigers' Season Ends Fittingly

By Brent Smith
Robert Deutsch- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers season ended the same way it had carried on over all these month; no runs, bad defense and a bullpen less sturdy than that handmade table your father made. Just like that homemade table, it collapsed and left you with the feeling of despair after so many hours spent building it and dreaming big things of what that table could have been. I may have stretched that analogy a little.

Once again, Tigers fans were left like Rose from Titanic, some great memories, some bad memories but without a ring and their loved one left lifeless. “Come back, come back,” Tigers fans yelled as the grand slam began to fly over the wall but Jack was never coming back. All that’s left of the Tigers’ season is now buried hundreds of feet beneath that ocean, tied to Prince Fielder’s large ankles. It’s going to be a long time for the Tigers to get over having arguably one of the best rotations of all time and ending up once again with nothing.

Questions will be asked, Jim Leyland will try to defend but one man can’t be blamed for everything. Every Tiger not currently on the starting rotation should take a long winter to think about why they did not do enough for their team. A curse seems to hover over the Tigers; maybe it is the same one that hovered over the Boston Red Sox all those years. We can only hope it doesn’t take the Tigers as long as it did the Red Sox to break it.

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