The Drama Surrounding The Miami Marlins' Drafts

By J.S.Cruz
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Young franchises in American sports can compete thanks to the draft process. Now, how these players finally develop is a different story, one that is not precisely Hollywood style.

Good stories have emerged from the Miami Marlins’ drafts. Charles Johnson is on of these good stories, as he is the first ever drafted player by the fish. Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez have been other first drafts that made it in style at the MLB level; others like Mark Kotsay and Chris Coghlan have done enough to be around.

Sometimes, these draft players become very tedious for their fans. These are stories full of promises that sometime the Marlins are afraid of letting go and become stars somewhere else.

The Marlins have that drama in almost every season. Marlins fans will never forget the poor enthusiasm of Jeremy Hermida, Chris Volstad and Gaby Sanchez on the field. The incumbent first baseman Logan Morrison has a little more push.

Although Morrison has contributed more than the others mentioned above, he looks part of a fatal story. First, Morrison plays a position that is particularly an offensive position. So, any team with a first baseman who isn’t a good hitter will struggle to score runs. In this case, Morrison has been plagued with injuries; his stats can be justified by his health, but other teams are not pitiful about it. He has already been in the Marlins’ roster for four seasons. In this tenure with the Marlins, he has never reached 500 turns at bat; in fact, he reached 300 turns only once, and he has not hit over 250 AVG.

Morrison is not going to be the last player the Marlins give opportunity after opportunity; talent will come and go, but the franchise must short the time for these players in order to show that they belong at this level, for.

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