Houston Astros' Lack Of Big Signing A Cause for Concern?

By Josh Sippie
David Kohl – USA TODAY Sports

When the 2013 season came to a close, the Houston Astros found themselves the worst team in the league yet again. With an infusion of youth, however, they had become an exciting team with plenty of upside and cause for excitement.

Then the news came that owner Jim Crane was committing up to $70 million to free agency and contract extensions. The minuscule payroll of the Astros would soon be growing, which would lead to more dynamic players being signed in the off season. Well, it is nearly December and the Astros have yet to make a big splash in the free agent pool. Notable signings so far include Darin Downs, Peter Moylan and Ryan Jackson.

The approaching Winter Meetings have been a trading ground for the Astros in years past, so that may bring about more moves. While it is perhaps mildly disconcerting, it is no cause for concern. Chris Young was rumored to be a Houston target, but they wisely laid off the historically underproducing outfielder. It would seem that the Astros are merely shopping around at this point. They haven’t made any rash decisions or jumped into any questionable signings.

There are still plenty of big names out there for the Astros to lay their paws on (ie. Shin-Soo Choo). It’s not like all the good guys have been snagged up already. Grom a developmental standpoint, the Astros’ only real desperate need is in the bullpen. While they have expressed a need to grab a veteran pitcher and an outfield power bat, they aren’t necessities.

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