Houston Astros Should Be Desirable Team For Free Agents

By Josh Sippie
John E. Sokolowski – USA TODAY Sports

There are many reasons why players become free agents. A couple of those reasons are desire to contend for a World Series or for playing time. While the Houston Astros may not be the first place players look to go in search of the former, it should definitely be a place that players look to go to in search of playing time.

One of the things the Astros continue to do right is instill a sense of competition. No player should feel safe at his starting position except maybe Jose Altuve. Each and every player should be encouraged day in and day out to put their best foot forward because there is literally an army of replacements ready and waiting for a shot to prove why they’re better.

When players have to constantly prove themselves, it brings out the best in them, which might also be a point of appeal to some free agents. Granted, some are past the point of wanting to prove themselves and want the easy road to a World Series. Some players are always in search of ways to better themselves, and the Astros are a great place to accomplish that task.

With young players blossoming on a daily basis and veterans being forced to keep up or be forgotten, it’s a constant competition.

With that in mind, it’s not absurd at all to think that some free agents may find Houston a desirable spot to land for the 2014 season and beyond. While many have pointed out that free agents could shun the 2013 bottom-feeders, there’s plenty of room for opportunity, and a World Series appearance isn’t more than a few years away from becoming a distinct possibility.

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