Detroit Tigers Must Get A Left Fielder Now

By Brent Smith
David Kohl- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers have been aggressive in every other area, but have failed to match that intensity in filling their desperate need for a left fielder.

As it stands right now, Andy Dirks would be the Tigers’ starting left fielder, which is fine if you enjoy throwing things at your television. It seemed like the Tigers were going to go after Jacoby Ellsbury, but after the New York Yankees offered a ridiculous amount of money, fans thought ‘okay, Carlos Beltran is on the market at a cheaper cost, so no big problem.’

That was until the Yankees decided they wanted him as well.

No doubt the Yankees paid a lot of money that the Tigers may not have been able to match, but it hasn’t sounded like the Tigers have really even wanted to pursue either of them. The same goes with the last impact free agent outfielder, Shin-Soo Choo. It is surprising because left field was so bad for Detroit last postseason that the Tigers had to have Jhonny Peralta patrol the outfield; and if you have seen Peralta, run you would know why that was so ridiculous.

The Tigers have to be more aggressive and have to get in on the Choo sweepstakes if they want to be a serious contender this season.

Never count out Dave Dombrowski, but his lack of action right now at left field is hurting the team. Maybe he has a special plan in place that no one is aware of but as it stands right now, time is running out to make a move. The Tigers cannot fall behind in the constant arms race that is current-day baseball. They have to be as aggressive and as proactive as possible.

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