Colorado Rockies 2014 Spring Training Profile: Jayson Aquino

By Carter Roane
Coors Field- Home of the Colorado Rockies
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For a MLB team, there is nothing like finding a young pitching prospect, especially a left-hander with an electric arm. The Colorado Rockies definitely appear to have that with Jayson Aquino working his way up in the system.

Aquino has a fastball with a lot of movement on it, which is always a bad sign for opposing batters. He also has a good slider and an excellent changeup, which may be considered the best in the entire Colorado system. He also has excellent command and can throw a lot of strikes.

Aquino is only 21 years old and already has a good sense of his pitches, making his his future very promising. Another positive fact regarding Aquino is he is durable and has a very smooth delivery.

Remember Dontrelle Willis and that herky-jerky delivery of his? When mechanics go wrong like it did with him, it can be very difficult to get back on track. I think of someone like David Wells, who had such a smooth delivery and sound mechanics that he was able to pitch for years even though he didn’t look like a traditional athlete.

Aquino should have no such worries if he stays consistent. He absolutely lit it up in the Dominican Summer League with a 1.52 ERA. He is projected to be a back-end starter, but lefties tend to mature differently than righties. Sometimes a left-handed pitcher all of a sudden just “gets it” and when they do, watch out.

The Rockies have not been known for a strong farm system, and they really have not been known for producing quality pitchers. As a matter of fact, it seems as though Colorado chews up and spits out pitchers. Aquino, however, could be an exception to that rule, and he could be a lot of fun to watch on the horizon.

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