Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper Helps Elderly Woman At Grocery Store

By Brian Skinnell
Bryce Harper Nationals
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On Tuesday, Bryce Harper discussed how he got those enormous things we puny humans like to call guns (he calls them arms). On Thursday, the Washington Nationals‘ star used his physical prowess to help out an elderly woman in need at a grocery store.

Before you go crazy thinking that Harper saved a woman’s life, please allow me to slow your roll. He didn’t save her life. He didn’t perform a heroic miracle. He simply used his height to retrieve an item from the top shelf of the aisle. As photographed by his girlfriend, Kayla Varner, Harper appears to have no issues lending someone a helping hand.

Bryce Harper Nationals
Photo By @kayvarner on Twitter

First off, I think I would lose my mind if happened to come across Harper in my own neighborhood grocery store. Once I’m done being a fan, I would probably ask him to carry a couple sacks of flour for me just so I can test his superhuman strength. After that, I would totally ask for some tickets to a game.

In all seriousness, it’s always refreshing to see professional athletes reaching out and helping others. In this instance, however, there’s something very humbling for us all to take away. This innocent looking lady probably has no idea who she’s talking to. Which means he’s not doing it because he’s famous, but because he’s a nice guy. It’s a small gesture, but it carries a much larger message humility and pure human goodness.

Who knows? Maybe Harper has built up a little good karma that he can take advantage of this season.

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