Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw Casually Walks To Mound As Benches Clear Vs. Giants

By Timothy Downs

On Wednesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants had a rather lackluster bench-clearing incident when Yasmani Grandall took exception to Johnny Cueto throwing high and tight on him in the third inning, and gave Cueto a piece of his mind after flying out later in the at-bat.

Dodgers superstar Clayton Kershaw is known for his incredible curveball, perennially outstanding ERA,  and cool as ice demeanor. Thus, it should come as a shock to absolutely no one to see how the southpaw handled the situation.

Instead of getting himself involved in the trivial dust up, Kershaw casually strutted to the mound like the zen master he is.

The Dodgers went on to cement a 6-1 victory over the Giants in San Francisco thanks to seven innings of shutout ball from their ace, who gave up just three hits and struck out five.

Never change, Kershaw. Never change!

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