Is Stephen Drew Becoming a Likable Player For Boston Red Sox?

Greg M. Cooper

Going into the 2013 season I can safely say that the two players on the Boston Red Sox that I found most dislikable were John Lackey and Stephen Drew. Lackey has redeemed himself to quickly become one of my favorites […]

What If the Boston Red Sox Had Traded For Alex Rodriguez in 2003?

Jerry Lai

Sometimes the best trades a MLB team makes are the ones that never happened. Such is the case as we look back at the disaster that nearly became a reality ten years ago for the Boston Red Sox. The year […]

Boston Red Sox’ Bats Bail Out Poor Decision By Manager John Farrell

Troy Taormina

Someone needs to tell Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell that every game counts, because apparently he’s under the impression that the Red Sox’ lead over the Tampa Bay Rays is bigger than it actually is. Going into last night’s […]

Boston Red Sox John Henry’s Boston Globe Purchase Bad for Impartiality

Steve Mitchell

Today is a great day to be a Boston sports writer, as long as you don’t write for the Boston Globe. Because if you do happen to write for Boston’s most widely circulated media outlet, the hand that feeds you is […]

Umpires Helped Boston Red Sox In Comeback Win Over Seattle Mariners

Mark L. Baer

When umpires make a call that goes against your team and costs them a game, you more than likely get all fired up and might even demand changes like instant replay be added to the game. Such was the case […]

Boston Red Sox’ Koji Uehara Has Become Best Closer in MLB

Winslow Townson

Don’t look now, but the Boston Red Sox might have the best closer in MLB. There have been a lot of pleasant surprises on the 2013 Red Sox team, but certainly Koji Uehara is one that stands out from the […]

John Farrell Shouldn’t Lose Faith In Boston Red Sox OF Daniel Nava

Steven Bisig

Remember Daniel Nava, the Boston Red Sox outfielder who came through in the clutch so many times this season? I really was starting to like that guy, but apparently he has been relegated to pinch running duties for this team. […]

Jake Peavy’s Biggest Impact Will Be On Boston Red Sox Bullpen

Jerry Lai

Local sports radio contrarians Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti are railing against the Boston Red Sox for their trade for Jake Peavy. The dialogue can be summed up as follows: The Red Sox have a good starting pitching staff whose […]

Boston Red Sox Pave Way For Xander Bogaerts With Jake Peavy, Jose Iglesias Trade

Brad Penner

A lot of names have been floated out there in trade talk recently for the Boston Red Sox. Jose Iglesias wasn’t a very common one though. Yesterday’s deal that sent Iglesias to the Detroit Tigers in a three-team deal in which the Chicago White Sox sent Jake Peavy to Boston, was […]

Boston Red Sox’ Easy August Schedule Is Advantage Over Tampa Bay Rays

Bob DeChiara

After last night’s heartbreaking loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, the Boston Red Sox find themselves half a game behind their new arch rival in the AL East. The two teams have put themselves in position for a furious finish […]

Boston Red Sox Should Pass On Michael Young

Howard Smith

Listening to sports talk radio in the Boston area would lead you to believe that acquiring Michael Young from the Philadelphia Phillies is the key ingredient for a championship run for the Boston Red Sox. I have no idea where […]

Everyone Needs To Relax About Boston Red Sox’ David Ortiz And The Phone Incident

Mark L. Baer

I’ve been hearing a lot lately from Boston Red Sox haters that David Ortiz should be suspended for upwards of five games for his destruction of that poor phone at Camden Yards. Everybody take a deep breath. It’s just a […]