Alex Rodriguez Will Win Appeal and Reduce Ban

Alex Rodriguez

Completely ignore how you feel about Alex Rodriguez. Ignore your feelings about him, about his involvement in the steroid era, and about him as a player and a person, or at least try to. It’s hard to do, isn’t it? […]

Atlanta Braves’ Next Hall-Of-Famer Will Be Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones

With the forthcoming inductions of former Atlanta Braves players Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine  into the Baseball Hall Of Fame, Braves fans start to think to themselves, “who’s next?”  That answer should be an easy one: Chipper Jones. Chipper will be a first-ballot […]

Atlanta Braves Don’t Need Masahiro Tanaka


The baseball world is going crazy over this new kid coming to America to play the real game of baseball. Of course, the buzz is about Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. According to all the experts, he is supposed to be the […]

Atlanta Braves Need Brandon Phillips


Yes, you read that right. The Atlanta Braves need to acquire Brandon Phillips. He is the missing link that this team needs.  Assuming BJ Upton actually plays like a baseball player this year, the second base position is the biggest hole […]

Atlanta Braves’ Craig Kimbrel Should Win NL Cy Young


Call me biased. Call me a homer. Call me delusional for wanting to give the NL Cy Young award to a closer. It doesn’t matter. Craig Kimbrel, the closer for the Atlanta Braves, should win the Cy Young for the […]

Hurry Back, Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward

The Atlanta Braves have been without one of their best hitters and outfielders for almost a month now. Jason Heyward got hit in the face by a pitch on Aug. 21. When he comes back depends obviously on how he […]

Days Like Today Are Bigger Than Baseball


After the devastating events at the Navy Shipyard on Monday September 16, MLB correctly decided to postpone the Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves game to the next day. Safety reasons aside, postponing the game is just the right thing to do. After any tragedy, there is […]

Atlanta Braves Continue to Overcome Injury Adversity

Atlanta Braves

At this point in the long season that is baseball, players get hurt. It’s the way our national pastime works. With 162 games, injuries are as much a part of baseball as peanuts and pop flies. However, the Atlanta Braves have been […]