Brian Matusz Pitches OK in Return from DL

Our inaugural substantive post of this season mentioned that the health of the two Brians (Matusz and Roberts) would have a lot to do with the Orioles’ performance in 2011. Naturally, both wound up on the DL before Memorial Day. […]

Should the Orioles Sign Prince Fielder after the 2011 Season?

Ben Nicholson-Smith over at MLBTR has a post up today entitled “Orioles Appear Poised To Spend This Winter,” reporting on a CBS Sports piece that has Oriole officials essentially saying that they’ll have scads of money to spend in the […]

Wieters very good, but no Mauer or McCann

Few Oriole debuts in recent years have been more highly touted than that of Matt Wieters. From the day he was drafted out of Georgia Tech to the Sports Illustrated coverwhere writer Tom Verducci dubbed him “the next [Joe] Mauer,” […]

.500 Was Good While It Lasted

Well, so much for that .500 record. No sooner does Oriole Township (is the fan base big enough to constitute a “nation”?) celebrate a recent surge than the club promptly drops four in a row to the A’s and the […]

.500! .500! .500

In my last post, I put forth the proposition that the O’s might just be more lucky than good. At that time, they were within shouting distance of .500 despite underwhelming production from the majority of the players on the […]

40 or so games in, O’s Pitching Isn’t So Special Either

Hrm, well this is curious. After finding that the Oriole batters weren’t especially dazzling so far this season, one might have expected to find that the pitching has been above average at worst. Nope. With the O’s sniffing at the […]

40 or so games in, O’s Offense Below League Average

In our last post, we asked what’s gotten the Orioles to .500ish 40 games into the season. We’ll start by taking a look at the offense. There are a lot of ways to evaluate hitters. A lot of them are […]

.500 is a Beautiful Thing

…if you’re a long-suffering O’s fan, anyway, living and dying with a ballclub that hasn’t sniffed contention since 1997. We’re 43 games into the season, and Buck’s Birds are 19-23, just a few games under .500 and a full 5 […]

Off day post: Luke Scott

I’m a couple days late getting to this, but since it’s an off day why not…’s Amy K. Nelson has published a very good profile of  the O’s resident birther LF Luke Scott. Give it a read, and let’s […]

“Awesome! The O’s came back against Mo Rivera…oh, snap. Let’s talk about something else.”

Since the highlight of this weekend’s Yankee series wound up being Friday night’s rainout, let’s take a step back and talk some Buck Showalter. Coming into the still-young season, the Orioles’ surprising 34-23 record under Buck Showalter over the last […]

Insert Witty Title Here

Hello, Orioles fans. My name is J.T., and I’ll be serving as your lead blogger here at Orioles Landing for the foreseeable future. Or until y’all quit clicking. Or until I pull a Derek Bell and go into Operation Shutdown. […]