Philadelphia Phillies’ Plan Should Be Trade for Prospects, Dump Salary

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In a town where the Philadelphia Phillies have floundered for much of the past three seasons, the other two major teams—the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Eagles—have at least showed they have a sound plan to build a future. The Phillies […]

Jonathan Papelbon Wants Out, and the Philadelphia Phillies Would Be Wise to Accommodate Him

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You can accuse Jonathan Papelbon of a lot of things, but being easily fooled is not one of them. Even after the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Milwaukee Brewers for the third straight time, Papelbon demanded to be traded. Papelbon is […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Jonathan Papelbon Could Pry Top Prospect From Detroit Tigers

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In Jonathan Papelbon, the Philadelphia Phillies have something the Detroit Tigers need badly: a dependable closer. With Joe Nathan struggling as the Tigers’ current closer, the Tigers have to be salivating at the prospect of adding Papelbon and his 1.29 […]

Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. Must Do Something About Self-Admitted Ryan Howard Problem

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If they could somehow put Ruben Amaro Jr. in a self-help group with his fellow basement-dwelling GMs, he’d probably sit down in a folding chair and say: “Hi. I’m Ruben Amaro Jr. and my team stinks.” The other guys say, […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Cole Hamels Has Plenty of Reasons to Leave

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Turns out all of those preseason prognosticators were right: The Philadelphia Phillies are really one of the worst teams in the National League. In his heart of hearts, Cole Hamels could have told them that a long time ago. Even […]

PNC Park Shows Philadelphia Phillies How Citizens Bank Park Should Have Been Done

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No one can deny Citizens Bank Park is one of the top fan experiences in baseball. Yet, every time the Philadelphia Phillies visit the Pittsburgh Pirates as they did this weekend, PNC Park reminds them how much better CBP could have […]

Philadelphia Phillies Could Learn a Lot From How They Treated Brandon Moss

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When Ruben Amaro Jr. finally faces the facts after his tenure as the Philadelphia Phillies GM is over — which is probably soon — the story of how he let Brandon Moss go might be near or at the top […]

Philadelphia Phillies Need to Restock System

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With the exception of a couple of pitchers like first-round pick Aaron Nola, ninth-round pick Matt Hockenberry and last year’s first pick, shortstop J.J. Crawford, the Philadelphia Phillies have had pretty much nothing but bad news down on the farm […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Take A Page From Philadelphia Eagles’ Playbook

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A few days ago, Miss Delaware got stripped of her crown because she was “too old” at the advanced age of 24. That sounds harsh but, in reality, it’s pretty much the way the Philadelphia Eagles have been doing business […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Best Hope for Prospects at Trade Deadline is Marlon Byrd

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When the subject of coveted Philadelphia Phillies players comes up in scouting reports all over baseball, one name keeps popping up in Marlon Byrd. There is a good reason for that. Byrd, even though he is 36, is following his […]

CEO’s Comments About Rebuilding Show That Philadelphia Phillies Are Losing Touch With Reality

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It was the kind of comment that makes you pause and say, “Come again?” The latest from Philadelphia Phillies’ CEO David Montgomery is that he thinks a complete rebuild would have a negative impact on attendance. That’s a pretty scary […]

Split With Miami Marlins Means Sun Has Set On Playoff Hopes of Philadelphia Phillies

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Are the Philadelphia Phillies the team which survived a “Group of Death” road trip in Atlanta and St. Louis at 5-2 or the team that split a home series with the Miami Marlins? Neither, but that’s not bad because the […]