Cliff Lee Remaining With Philadelphia Phillies is Not So Bad

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Unless all of the major league scouts who attended Cliff Lee‘s last two starts have vision problems, we can pretty much assume one thing from them: Lee will remain a Philadelphia Phillies player through the balance of the season. From […]

Ryan Howard’s Comments Make Him Too Much of a Distraction for Philadelphia Phillies to Keep

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Having lived in Philadelphia for the better part of a decade, Ryan Howard prefaced his remarks with a battery of Philadelphia TV stations sticking cameras in his face: “I know what I say is about to be misconstrued but it’s […]

Philadelphia Phillies Must Activate Backup Plan If Unable to Make Trades Now

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With one week left to the MLB trade deadline, the Philadelphia Phillies now face the very real prospect that they will be unable to make a significant move. Contributing to that reality have been the recent struggles of both ace […]

Darin Ruf Must Make Most Out of His Chance With Philadelphia Phillies

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An imperfect storm on Wednesday night led to a delay of over an hour in the Philadelphia Phillies’ game with the visiting San Francisco Giants. For Darin Ruf, though, his appearance in the lineup at first base is the result […]

5 Top Prospects Who Could Become Philadelphia Phillies Soon

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Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Ryan Howard Should Get Same Treatment Philadelphia Eagles Gave DeSean Jackson

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The biggest news in Philadelphia sports this winter could be similar to the biggest news out of town this spring:  One of the three major teams releases an iconic star without getting anything in return. The Philadelphia Eagles made that […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Replace Kyle Kendrick With Jason Marquis

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A scout from the Toronto Blue Jays was in attendance to watch Kyle Kendrick pitch for the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday against the Atlanta Braves. We can only imagine the unflattering words that scout wrote on his yellow legal pad […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Cole Hamels for Joc Pederson Would Be Mutually Beneficial

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When the Philadelphia Phillies finally get around to firing GM Ruben Amaro Jr., one of the questions in the exit interview should be: “What did you know about Ben Revere’s arm and when did you know it?” In two years of […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Demand Catching Prospect Chance Sisco from the Baltimore Orioles

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The Philadelphia Phillies won the A.J. Burnett Sweepstakes in a two-team battle with the Baltimore Orioles over the then free agent in the offseason, and now it appears the Orioles are about to win Burnett back. First, though, there is […]

Ryan Howard Problem Is An Easy One to Solve for the Philadelphia Phillies

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The headline in one local paper in Philadelphia on Thursday alluded to the “Ryan Howard Problem” facing manager Ryne Sandberg like it’s as complex as Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In actuality, if all of the Philadelphia Phillies’ problems were […]

Philadelphia Phillies Fans Must Be Prepared for Dark Clouds Ahead

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The night before he surrendered to the United States at the end of WWII, Japanese Emperor Hirohito told his subjects on a national radio broadcast that they “must endure the unendurable.” If GM Ruben Amaro Jr. was honest with Philadelphia […]

Philadelphia Phillies: Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins Should Not Be Ripped for Refusing to Be Traded

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One of the favorite topics on Philadelphia sports talk radio revolves around the refusal of both Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins to move off their no-trade clauses. Utley will be the lone Philadelphia Phillies player participating in tonight’s MLB All-Star […]