New York Yankees Should Have David Phelps Start Over Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova

The New York Yankees‘ blowout loss to the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon perfectly sums up Ivan Nova‘s career so far in the MLB – inconsistent. That is all that the 27 year old has known throughout his time in the Majors, […]

Michael Pineda Shows New York Yankees why He Deserved Last Spot in the Rotation

Michael Pineda

Pitcher Michael Pineda had the most dominating start for the New York Yankees so far this season against the Toronto Blue Jays this afternoon and it is amazing to think that he almost did not make the rotation to start the 2014 […]

Detroit Tigers Already Seeing Benefits of Ian Kinsler Batting Leadoff, Austin Jackson Hitting in the Middle

Ian Kinsler and Austin Jackson

So far, so good. That is what the Detroit Tigers can say about their decision to have Ian Kinsler at the top of the order while shifting Austin Jackson down to the middle of the lineup. It might be very […]

Derek Jeter Still Leading New York Yankees In Final Season

Derek Jeter

To say that the New York Yankees were in a dire situation after dropping their first two games of the season to the Houston Astros would be a pretty aggressive statement. However, there is no doubt that the revamped Yankees wanted […]

Detroit Tigers Should Not be Worried Over Joe Nathan’s Blown Save

Joe Nathan

Regardless of what sport it is, there is always a lot of pressure on a player to perform at a high level when they join a new team. They want to show their new teammates that they can be a […]

Analyzing the St. Louis Cardinals’ Opening Day Lineup

Cardinals Celebration

Boston Red Sox’s Felix Doubront Ends Rocky Spring Training on Positive Note

Felix Doubront

As Spring Training comes to a close, teams can get a better idea of where their players are at both physically and mentally. Spring Training numbers do not usually mean much once the regular season rolls around, however, it never […]

Predicting Stats For Detroit Tigers’ 2014 Opening Day Lineup

Detroit Tiger

New York Yankees’ Patience With Michael Pineda Finally Pays Off

David Phelps

Pitcher David Phelps was scheduled to make what was going to probably be his last start of Spring Training tonight. It was his final opportunity to show the New York Yankees that he was the man who should be rounding […]

New York Yankees’ Ivan Nova Presents Biggest Wild Card for Rotation

Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova can either be one of the best pitchers in the New York Yankees‘ rotation or be spending half the summer down in the Minor leagues. That is what he experienced in 2013 as the 27-year old pitcher went […]

Race For Last Spot In New York Yankees’ Rotation Heats Up With Michael Pineda’s Short Outing

Michael Pineda

The fifth and final spot in the New York Yankees‘ rotation is as wide open now as it was at the start of Spring Training. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing, as the difficult decision is a result of […]

Nick Castellanos Key to Completing Detroit Tigers Infield

Nick Castellanos

The Detroit Tigers created a huge hole at first base when they traded Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler. It was quickly filled by moving over the reigning two-time defending AL MVP in Miguel Cabrera from third […]