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Is Michael Bisping Next In Line For A Title shot?

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping has been in contention for a long time but has yet to get his shot at the title. Bisping is a well-rounded fighter and has put together some good win streaks, but has come short in each of his fights that would give him his chance. He is scheduled to fight Brian Stann at UFC 152 on September 22nd. Even though Bisping is coming off a loss to Chael Sonnen, I think a win over Stann would earn him a title shot. Bisping was previously on an impressive 4 fight win streak before losing to Chael Sonnen in a fight that was very close. Some even think that Bisping earned the decision over Sonnen, including UFC president Dana White.

Bisping versus Stann is a very interesting match up, both fighters like to” stand and bang” but can take it to the ground if needed.Nine of Stann’s twelve wins have come via knockout, he is a very dangerous fighter that has proven he can finish fights. On another note though, Bisping has only been knocked out once and has proved to have a good chin. Bisping will be a very hard opponent for Stann and should be able to out last him with his top-notch cardio.

Some would disagree that Bisping deserves a title shot because he is coming off a loss, and would only have a 1 fight winning streak if he wins his fight at UFC 152. But it would make the most sense for the UFC, Bisping is one of the few top contenders that has yet to face Anderson Silva and would make for a very entertaining fight.

Besides Bisping, who else is a worthy opponent for Silva? Nobody else has had the same success that Bisping has and there really isn’t a fighter that has separated themselves from the rest of the contenders at 185. It would just make the most sense.

Written By:Colin Barton