Front Row Racing Success at Talladega Shows Equalizer of New Gen-6 Car

By Jake Thompson
Randy Sartin-USA Today Sports

This weekend the seemingly impossible happened when the Davids beat the Goliaths on the NASCAR track. David Ragan of Front Row Racing was able to pull out a surprise win in the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway after getting a strong push from teammate David Gilliland. All day long the two dominant cars in the field belonged to Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson, both with two wins already this season.

Now Talladega Superspeedway is known for a track that produces first time winners and surprise finishes, but this amazing feat by a small budget team illuminates how the Generation-Six car has equalized the NASCAR field for the moment. This is the first win by a small budget team this year and the first win from one of those drivers that isn’t known to visit victory lane frequently. Yet there has definitely been success seen by other small budget teams this year. A perfect example of this is Kurt Busch‘s success this year.

This year Busch has been driving for small time Furniture Row Racing and picking up some very solid finishes. While Kurt Busch definitely has more talent than other small time team drivers being a series champion, he has still been riding in cheaper and lower grade equipment.

This new car allows the smaller teams to compete on a more even plain because no one really has a whole lot more testing data on the new car than anyone else. There hasn’t been enough time for big teams like Hendrick Motorsports to build up a massive data cache yet. This will end in time, but for now the track in NASCAR is a bit more level for everybody.

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