Brad Keselowski Apologizes in Open Letter to David Ragan

By Michael Guzman
Marvin Gentry-USA Today Sports Images

After making an important and controversial statement Sunday on Twitter, NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski has regressed and rescinded his attack on Talladega race winner David Ragan. Keselowski had claimed that Ragan purposely altered his position on the restart to be in the outside lane, closer to teammate David Gilliland, and in the line that inevitably made its way to the front.

Many on Twitter were astonished to hear these allegations and immediately jumped on the champion for being a “sore loser”.  Keselowski in the past has been addressed as bratty and immature, a quip which many felt he may have reverted to. Keselowski addressed in his letter his passion for the sport and desire to win.

At least in Keselowski’s letter he shifts the blame to NASCAR itself for allowing the mistake to be made because of “the multi-car wreck, the rain, and the impending darkness”. This entire year, NASCAR had allowed drivers to be critical of the sanctioning body (although not the product on track) so Keselowski should not have any issues regarding a fine for his criticism.

In the end, this is absolutely what the sport needs. NASCAR champions are held to a different standard and are in every way the face of the sport. Unlike NBA champion LeBron James who stood up the media less than one day ago, Keselowski is an amicable face for a sport and speaks his mind in every facet. His verbal attack on a great story seemed odd and strangely hostile.

But Keselowski has now explained himself like a champion and undoubtedly will retain the passion of a champion. With his open letter to Ragan, he will hopefully continue to garner support as he looks to repeat as champion as he should. Brad Keselowski, simply put, is the champion NASCAR deserves.

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