NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Interested In Matt Barnes?

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- The NBA rumors are again taking on a Boston Celtics flavor. During a recent interview Los Angeles Lakers free agent small forward Matt Barnes let the world know that he is a free agent and talking to a few other teams besides the Lakers. One of the NBA teams rumored to be in the mix for Barnes services are the Boston Celtics.

The rumor if it true would make sense because Barnes would be a fit with the Celtics. The Boston Celtics have Paul Pierce and Jeff Green as a small forward combination. Should there be an injury to either then Boston would have to turn to rookie Kris Joseph to fill minutes. A team with title hopes does not want to have to depend on a rookie drafted in the second round in the event of an injury. The team also wants to be able to rest Paul Pierce during the year for a healthy “Truth” for a playoff run and still fight for playoff seeding during the year. Those facts mean Boston is thin at the small forward spot.

Barnes would be a great fit for Boston. Barnes is the pesky defensive first small forward that can really bother another team. Doc Rivers would love a guy like Barnes on the roster to put out there to defend a guy like LeBron James come playoff time. If nothing else it would be six smart hard fought fouls at his disposal. Barnes can also play with energy and rebound. Rebounding is always a skill Boston could use in a player.

Barnes is no longer that good an offensive option. Barnes shot is streaky from the outside and finishing in the paint can be an adventure for him these days. However, there are nights where Barnes is an effective offensive player. However, from a third string small forward is offense really what Boston would be looking for.

I believe this rumor to be true. The only issue is money. I cannot see Boston using the bi annual exception on Barnes. This means if Barnes wants more money than he is going elsewhere.

The good news for Boston is it appears that Barnes old team the Lakers have moved on from him. This means that he cannot just stay in LA for the same money. The fact Barnes recently had legal problems will also work in Boston’s favor as far as keeping his salary demands real low. Maybe Boston can get Barnes for the veteran minimum they have to offer. Stay tuned for more on this rumor as the story of Barnes unfolds. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!

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