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10 NBA Players Most Likely To Be Fined For Flopping

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Metta World Peace Is Not Impressed With Flop City

World Peace is upset
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Metta World Peace is not impressed with flop city. Neither is David Stern.

NBA Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson recently issued a statement that said "flops have no place in our game," "they either fool referees into calling undeserved fouls or fool fans into thinking the referees missed a foul call.”

Under Commissioner David Stern, the NBA is getting serious about flopping. The NBA recently released a beauty of a video that examines and explains the different types of flops so that players and fans aren’t confused or misinformed about what exactly a flop is, for when a 7-foot, 250-pound man falling to the floor after a slight bump from a point guard isn’t obvious enough.

If you feel like having your intelligence insulated, check out this super funny/priceless video that the NBA put together to “define” flopping.

The fines will be heavy. Players will get a warning for their first offence, and then be fined $5,000 the second time. If a fifth event occurs, the fines increase to $30,000. These fines can add up as some players (you know who they are) flop five times in a game.

After watching this video, most people will probably agree that the NBA isn’t being unreasonable. Only very strong “over embellishment” to the extent of contact will result in a fine.

Regardless, if implementing the rule is fair or unfair, there will be a number of fines handed out.

Which 10 NBA players are most likely to be fined for flopping?

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10. Dwyane Wade

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The entire Miami Heat starting lineup uses flopping to their competition advantage. When the Heat turn it “on,” they’re on like no other team is. It’s astounding to watch. But when they fall apart, they completely fall apart.

And that’s when the flopping starts.

When Dwyane Wade is “off” in especially high-stress situations or when the opposing team’s offensive is too strong, his defensive game becomes entirely dependent on the flop.

During the playoffs, Wade played for the flop. The result? An NBA championship

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9. Chris Bosh


Ever hear the phase, "flop like a Bosh"?

Chris Bosh has a reputation for being “soft.” The video below explains why. Although, whether Bosh is actually soft or just a big faker hasn't been determined yet.

Credit Basketball Jones

There is a chance that Bosh flops because he's scared of contact.

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8. Pau Gasol

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Pau Gasol is a perfect example of European players flopping all over the court. The art of flopping is far more advanced in Europe than anywhere else in the world.

The amount of drama that Gasol puts into the game of basketball is far above that of the average player. However, Gasol gets away with a lot less than other players do. Mostly because referees realize that its hard to push a 7-foot tall man around.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a vision for the season. If that means sometimes, Gasol has to pretend that the he has been brutally injured to draw a foul, then that's just what will happen.

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7. Derek Fisher


Although Derek Fisher is a free agent, there is still a chance that he will sign somewhere. After all, Grant Hill found a team at 40-years old. Kobe Bryant put in a good word for his Lakers buddy.

The Lakers are rumored to have an interest in resigning the 38-year old.

Ramon Shelburne of reports that Bryant believes that Fisher has another season in him, “"I'm pretty confident he'll find a team. Every team needs a guard like him."

Fisher flopped before flopping was a thing. He was flopping before Vince Carter could dunk a basketball (Okay, he isn't that old but you get the point). It’s pretty safe to say Fisher was one of the players that brought flopping to his current glory.

If Fisher resigns, it wouldn't be for money. So, if flopping gives him and his team the competition advantage, then the cost doesn’t matter.

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6. Manu Ginobili


Europeans are almost always better floppers than America. Manu Ginobili is league’s absolute premier flopper. His talent is unmatched. It's also a little easier for referees to believe that Ginobili gets thrown around upon contact because he's a smaller player.

Ginobili and Tim Duncan are coming to the end of the basketball road. They’re probably hoping to end with a championship or at least go out on a high note.

90% of the time, Ginobili will get away with the flop. So, it's more than worth it for him to try.

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5. Luis Scola

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Remember when Luis Scola flopped and then Kevin Love stepped on his face?

That didn't stop him even a little bit. So the new flopping rules probably won't either.

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4. Paul Pierce


Paul Pierce will play for the flop.

Rajon Rondo will smile as he picks Pierce up.

Pierce loves the fake pump, he doesn't play pretty, he's a master of drawing contact and he tortures his defender like no one else.

Pierce has evolved as a player so that his numbers haven't experienced any drastic drops with his age. The flop is apart of his game. It protects him. The opposition knows that he will flop and thus, will refuse to initiate even minimal contact.

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3. Chris Paul

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Paul is the king of Flop City. Referees, for some reason, don't penalize Paul the way that they do others. Maybe they know he will complain for 15 minutes if they do?

Paul is also in a place where, he can bring the Los Angeles Clippers deep into the postseason if he can use every possible opportunity and every tool that the Clippers have.

Donald Sterling's cheapness is legendary. Paul has a better chance of getting a max deal contract out of the Clippers if he has just come off a great post season run.

DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin are still young but have the potential to win a championship. Paul is slightly older. If he wants to stay with the Clippers during Griffin and Jordan's peak years, he will have to show the Clippers cheap owner that they need him.

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2. Blake Griffin

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The second half of flop city.

Blake Griffin is the heir of flop city. He's a graduate of the Chris Paul School of Flopping. Griffin is a sloppy flopper. His acting coach must watch the game and wonder what DeMarcus Cousins was talking about.

Griffin is also an offensive flopper, which is a bit of a curve ball for referees on the lookout to hand out fines big enough to put their kids through college. Most players are defensive floppers so referees aren’t as keen to recognize Griffin.

Defenders love to through a hard foul at Griffin in order to keep him away from the basket. So, in a way, Griffin kind of needs to “over embellish” to stay safe.

Griffin has already stated that if flopping fines stand between him and a championship, then that’s how it’s going to be.

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1. Anderson Varejao

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

My fellow Rant Sports writer Nick Claussen commented, “I don’t want to say he flops, but in some games he is on the ground more than a Cleveland Browns quarterback.

The big Brazilian is widely considered the biggest flopper in the league.

When questioned Varejao about the new flopping rule, he admitted that, "I'm not flopping anymore," Varejao said. "I used to flop a little bit."

A little bit?

The website also asked Varejao if he is going to change his game to comply to the new flopping rules, that's when Varejao changed his tune, "Oh, I don't know, let's wait and see how it's going to be."