New York Knicks Fans Unite Through Twitter

By Thomas Duffy

The New York Knicks have fans from all over the world. They are renowned as some of the best fans in all of sports, electrifying Madison Square Garden at home games, and wearing Knicks gear fearlessly at away arenas. Those fans are uniting as one this season. How, you may ask? This phenomenon is being made possible through Twitter.

The hash tag “#KnicksFollowTrain” encourages Knicks fans to follow each other on Twitter, so as to connect as one and be able to communicate about their favorite team with other fans. I have gained 50+ followers (@TD_Knicks) over the past few days after using the hash tag in a few of my tweets. Noteworthy followers hail from Poland, Spain, and Argentina, in addition to fans from New York and all around the country.

Twitter was erupting with hash tags such as “#Knickstape,” (an Iman Shumpert original word, which means that the Knicks have different kinds of players that play together like a mix-tape), “#KnicksNation,” and “KnicksFamily,” as New York beat the reigning NBA Champion Miami Heat by 20 points in their opening game.

In light of Hurricane Sandy, the Knicks gave their city (which was ravaged by the storm) and fans all around the world, a tremendous win. Miami bounced New York from the first round of the playoffs last year in 5 games, but the Knicks came out firing in their 2012-13 opener despite being immense underdogs.

If the Knicks continue to play like they did against Miami, Twitter will be exploding all year with tweets from Knicks fans everywhere. #KnicksFollowTrain – hop on or get left behind!

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