Kendrick Perkins And Zach Randolph Involved In Post-Game Altercation

By Riley Schmitt
Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins might be two of the scariest guys in sports. The two clearly do not like each other and both were ejected from a game on Wednesday night after exchanging words. It appears that it spilled over to after the game outside the locker rooms as well.

We do not have a lot of details about this incident right now but I am extremely curious to hear what happened.  If you watched the game, you could hear the two going back and forth.  Z-Bo is not scared of anyone and I would certainly not want to fight him.  On the other hand, I bet you can not find a lot of people that would want to mess with Perkins.

If the two ended up getting in a fight, I would be upset that no one got it on camera.  I would probably pay to watch those two duke it out.  They are probably two of the most physically imposing guys in the league.

We will keep you updated on this as more information comes out.  I bet the details are not as good as we would think but it is something worth looking into.  I can bet you that the league will not be happy with either player.  In fact, I would expect suspensions to occur if physical violence happened.

UPDATE:  Apparently no confrontation happened.  I am now sad.

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