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NBA Trademarks These Five Nickname Options for the New Orleans Franchise

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NBA Trademarks Five Nickname Options for the New Orleans Hornets

Derick E. Hingle - USA TODAY SPORTS

In a move of marketing genius, the New Orleans Hornets have made the decision to re-brand their franchise to something more, well, "regionally specific". This ostensibly has to do with a desire by Michael Jordan and his team with the Charlotte Bobcats wanting to purchase the Hornets moniker to bring it back to Charlotte-- where it makes far greater sense than in the Louisiana swamp-- but is also a nod to the other Nawlins style names of teams there locally that make at least a modicum of sense.

The Hornets have struggled on the fringes of viability in the Western Conference for several seasons now, and who knows, maybe a new look and a little new "swag"-- which is soooo important these days-- is what they need to get them over the top.

The NBA, in an effort to help out the Hornets, has trademarked five potential new nicknames for the team-- none of which really strike much fear into my heart or do much by leave me shaking my head in wonder. Regardless, it's likely one of these will be the team's new moniker going forward, so they're worth a look. I think that New Orleans should go all out here and go weird, so my choice will be evident as you click through. Enjoy these options in all their weirdness!

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New Orleans Pelicans

Image Courtesy - City Pages

The leader in the clubhouse for New Orleans is the Pelicans. As a whole, Pelicans are awkward and un-imposing. I suppose you wouldn't want to get your head caught in that huge beak though. I could see how that would be painful, but also a difficult thing to pull off unless you were drunk, or stupid. This one bores me, therefore it will likely be the winner!

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New Orleans Bull Sharks

Image Courtesy - Fine Art America

Another option is the New Orleans Bull Sharks. While somewhat more intimidating than a pelican, they aren't exactly the great white, now are they? The rounded nose suggests they would just bump into you without breaking any flesh and be more of an annoyance than anything else. If New Orleans is looking to corner the market on mascots with annoyance potential, they're on the right track, as you will see later on.

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New Orleans Swamp Dogs

Image Courtesy - City Data

Obviously, the Swamp Dogs the New Orleans brass has in mind are much more vicious than those pictured above. This is a semi-viable option but seems too minor-leaguey to me. Anytime you combine a geographical feature with an animal it screams Low A ballpark in BFE, West Virginia. Probably not the look Nawlins is going for as they re-brand.

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New Orleans Mosquitoes

Image Courtesy - GreatQuotes

Another entrant in the annoying as hell category, is the New Orleans Mosquitoes. I think this one is flat out ridiculous so I won't waste anymore of your time here.

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New Orleans Rougarou

Image Courtesy - Deviant Art

Cha-Ching! We have a winner!

The Rougarou is apparently the basic equivalent of Texas' Chupacabra whose lore I am greatly familiar with. There's a ton of options here artistically, and the intimidation factor comes from the weirdness. New Orleans is weird. This one's my pick, therefore it won't happen.