Jimmy Butler Is Proving to Be A Key Cog For The Chicago Bulls

By Riley Schmitt
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, no one figured the Chicago Bulls would be a fun team to watch this year. I am a diehard fan and I thought most games would be painful. For the most part, I have not been wrong. However, the emergence of Jimmy Butler makes the team fun while it also makes them dangerous.

Butler showed some promise in his rookie year, but you don’t get a ton of minutes playing behind Luol Deng.  He looked good in spurts this year, but his emergence has really happened over the last few games.  Deng was out with an injury, which made Butler a starter.  Since then, it has been the Jimmy Butler show.

Bulls fans knew that he could rebound with the best of them and play some great defense.  He gained national attention with the performance that he put on against Kobe Bryant.  Butler limited the star in a big Bulls win.  Since then, Butler has been getting major minutes and there is no turning back.  On Monday, he returned to the bench but still played 30+ minutes.

With Derrick Rose due back soon, the Bulls are slowly becoming a threat in the Eastern Conference.  They have outperformed expectations and adding a true closer will only help.  Rose may not be back to his old self this season, but the team will scare people in the playoffs.

Butler is only getting better, but he still has room to improve.  He needs to start working on that corner three, but other things will come with experience.  He led the Bulls in points on Monday and it looks like the team found another key cog late in the draft.

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